Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Fully vaccinated and I'm okay!

My second shot went well. I got it at 2:58 pm. The process was fast and efficient. I liked sitting there for fifteen minutes afterwards, outside, in the shade, with a cool breeze!

The drive was congested in certain spots of the highway that I was on. It's crazy that there is so much congestion when the weather is better, and more people are out and about.

My side effects after the second shot are similar to my first one. I have a sore arm. Nothing crazy like what I heard from my friends or colleagues. I am lucky. It's also amazing how our bodies handle vaccines differently.

My friend and I texted each other as I sat outside. We are both fully vaccinated. Just that fact made me absorb its significance. It's a great feeling.

I had taken half a day off as vacation time to head over and get my vaccination shot. My manager sent me an e-mail. He was okay if I took the afternoon off as a sick day and saved my vacation time. It was a nice gesture.

Four more workdays to go. The countdown to my real vacation continues!


  1. So glad you're fine after your second shot. Hope the rest of the week goes quickly.

    1. I'm glad, too! I slept soundly last night after getting the shot.