Saturday, December 26, 2020

The ex and his boring e-card

The ex decided to send me an e-card on Christmas Day. It was roughly around when I posted yesterday.

I took half a day to finally click the link. It was what I had expected. He wished me a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.

Boring. It could technically be a form letter.

Months ago, I told him to do me a favour and not contact me. Apparently, e-cards are exempt in his eyes.

The only positive thing is that he was on time sending such a greeting. He's still a jerk.


  1. i wouldn't even have bothered opening it... aside from that i hope it was a decent Christmas... what with the state of the world right now. Wishing you a better 2021 than this year was.

    1. I had thought about deleting the e-mail. However, he has never sent me a Christmas e-card, so I needed to check it out. It seemed so odd and random.

      My Christmas was quiet and good. I spent part of it cooking for my parents. I hope that yours was good. Here's to a better year ahead!