Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Getting hardened fluid from a stress ball off my dresser

Monday was a productive day. I decided to reorganize what's on my dresser. I thought that it would take me an hour. Nope.

I found out that my blue M&M's stress ball had exploded. The clear fluid in the squishy stress ball must have oozed out days ago. It was solid on my dresser, between items.

I learned that the fluid is corn syrup. It's a question of submerging items in warm to hot water to melt the residue away, such as on my hand lotion. Naturally, I can't submerge my entire dresser in water. Instead, I poured some hot-warmish water on the surface and started to chip away at the mess.

Later on today, I'll finish the work. I ran out of elbow grease!


  1. thank goodness it wasn't anything more disastrous than corn syrup. I'm sure it was tedious, but at least it didn't damage (i hope) anything too permanently.

    1. Who knew that these squishy stress balls have corn syrup in them?! It took a while to get the hardened corn syrup dissolved, but my dresser looks like new again. Yay!