Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Panties have arrived!

My bi-monthly shipment of panties has arrived in the mail! My panties subscription brings me so much joy.

This shipment is a bit different. Let's start with the usual. I got this pair of blue panties with white lace trim as part of my subscription:

I love how buttery soft the blue fabric is. The lacy is pretty and the cute bow puts a feminine touch on them. 

Both the front and the back have a cross-cross pattern, which is all elastic: 

I also got the special Christmas edition set. A while back, my post described the naughty and nice set. I ordered it along with my regular subscription.

Here's the cheerful red thong that is the naughty part of the set:

The material is soft and stretchy. I haven't worn a thong in a while. I will give this one a try, as the back fabric feels more comfortable than floss:

I am currently wearing the nice panties. They are so comfortable and I can't remember when I wore a cheerful green pair of panties:

The back has lettering, which I love:

These panties are so much fun. I am aroused thinking about spanking myself in that thong.


  1. Cutiebootie - Your panties subscription is not only bringing you joy, it is bringing us joy too! Thanks for sharing and making us smile.

    1. Thanks, Enzo! I'm so glad that this post made you smile.

  2. I like the blue ones. I'm sure they make you look very cutie, especially if they are the only thing you're wearing.

    But as for the self-spanking, I think you'll need ten swats for every minute it takes you to find the typo.

    Happy panty wearing!

    1. I truly don't appreciate that you point out typos. I find it rude. Cut me some slack. I posted at 02:25.

      It always takes someone to ruin a joyful post by finding something negative. And, it's not the first time that you have done it. Cut it out.

  3. Okay, I won't point out typos.

    I like your blog, and I think you do a good job with it.

    1. Sadly, you've ruined such a cheerful post by pointing out imperfections.