Thursday, October 29, 2020

Getting HR involved to tell my manager that he's using the wrong field for my start date

It has been 1.5 months since my manager ruined a perfectly fine discussion on our team with my hitting a milestone. It was my ten-year work anniversary.

In our human resources application, there are two dates. One is my start date. The other is my contract signing date. To normal human beings, the former is the one that you go with to calculate how long you have been with the company. My manager went with the latter.

Naturally, I am an anomaly. Because I was involved in a company acquisition, my contract date is roughly two year after my start date. To me and HR, this discrepancy wasn't an issue. To my manager, it was. He insisted that I get it fixed.

He is a jerk.

So, after 1.5 months dealing with HR who said that it was fine and wouldn't make these fields the same, it took an HR generalist to contact my manager to let him know that there's nothing to change. The start date is correct. I actually had to reinforce it by saying that going forward, he should be using the start date.

It is ridiculous that I had to basically tell him that everyone on the team got an e-mail to sign my virtual work anniversary card. He simply ignored it and ultimately looked like an insensitive idiot.

My hitting such a service milestone happens once. I expect a manager to get on board and acknowledge it instead of telling me to get HR to fix an issue that really isn't one.


  1. At least HR confirmed what you've been saying all along.

    I feel like I spend most of my day correcting problems. It's part of modern life. Everything is complex and requires endless fiddling.

    But one of the most important things about managing is to take care of your workers. The better you can do that, the better the whole team functions. And showing them basic respect is a very big part of that.

    1. I hear you, RP! I find that I am often correct other people's issues.

      Yes, I find that my manager says things that rub me and others the wrong way. I also feel that I don't get much respect from him, particularly when I expect it to be there with a significant work anniversary in my eyes.