Thursday, December 05, 2019

Work frustrations and self-spanking videos

My team has two software releases this week. The incompetent woman can't handle one of them. My entire team has to pitch in yet again on straightforward work.

Our other major release is smooth in comparison. It amazes me how argumentative and defensive she gets. Her communication is practically nonexistent. She assigned work for my intern to do without telling me. That's not how things work.

On an interesting note, I spent some time last night watching self-spanking videos. I applaud folks who have the guts to take self-spanking videos and post them up on SpankingTube. I could never do that.

I haven't spanked myself for a while. It was nice to get horny about it last night. Perhaps this weekend will be a good start.


  1. What are you going to use for your self-spanking?

    1. Good question! I have put away my spanking implements that I need to take a look and find something portable. I like my wooden paddle hairbrush, so I may bring that with me this weekend. I'm doing a staycation, so it's perfect timing.

  2. if I may, I sentence you to a bare bottom paddling followed by a half hour of corner time

  3. I want you to give yourself a real spanking that you will feel later when you sit down.