Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Dopey guy and weed

It's nice when my guy is dopey after he has ejaculated. It's fun talking to him.
"Now that weed is legalized, remember not to use your credit card to purchase it. Otherwise, you may not be able to travel for work," I told him.
"Oh, that's bad," he said in a boyish tone.
"I love when you're dopey!" I said, sweetly kissing his face.
He's such a sweet guy. He continued smiling at me.


  1. Hey, girl with the naughty name,
    I have been reading a couple of months back at your blog. The growing dissatisfaction with your management at work, that must be serious dombo's, and your anxiety over a new job (interview). About your guy that is still your guy of course and is always a mix of pure love and a hint of worry over him, correct me if I'm wrong.
    I love it that you are so strong willed. Getting your weight down in a low carbo diet, getting your debt down of those damned credit cards. And you do it all by yourself. I have deep respect for you that you stay so positive and always look on the bright side of life.

    It was so nice to catch up on you, I missed you.


    1. Hey, Han! It's great hearing from you. I have missed you, too.

      As always, thanks for your encouraging comments. Work still is stressful, but I cope as best I can. My interview went well, but the job doesn't feel like it's a perfect fit for me. I still deal with idiots at work.

      I have always been impressed by your insight. I love my guy and do fuss about him. There's always something that I am concerned about him. I accept his faults and I worry because I care about him.

      I will need to write about my debt in depth in future posts. I feel that I am making good progress, but there is such a stigma when good folks amass a ton of debt. It has also been great getting back to a low-carb diet. I feel more energetic like I did when I first made this lifestyle change a good seven years ago.

      I see that you have been posting again. I am thrilled to go and read up on your posts. I hope that you are doing well. It's great to have you back.

      Take care,