Thursday, November 02, 2017

Drama with the new diva

The new writer, who is supposed to be seasoned, is causing quite a bit of drama. She's a diva.

On Monday, her desk didn't have a chair. Instead of looking for one, she decided to sit at another desk in a different area.

In our office, we have various neighbourhoods. You belong a specific neighbourhood. She went into a completely different one. The manager there had to ask my manager who she was.

She has since sat there all week. She didn't tell anyone why until my manager asked her. He figured out that she had moved due to her chair disappearing.

He told her that he got a chair. She didn't move back. She then cited that it was dark over in our area and she needs natural light.

Then, there is the review process. I have told her that her work goes through a peer review first (me) before it goes to a technical person. She doesn't seem to get it. I have gone through this procedure numerous times.

My manager has told me that he is seriously considering canning her. I told him last week that she's not the right fit for us. The burden will hit me yet again. Instead of doing what I need to do, I will probably continue to do development work.

This new writer is actually causing more grief than needed. She disappears for a couple of hours each day and has dragged a number of folks to join her.

Tomorrow is a new day. Let's see what happens.


  1. Gosh. I have a new colleague at my tiny cubbyhole of a clinic and the previous girl has left to pursue studies. While shes lovely as a person, her work is careless and dangerous- clinic = medicine= be careful! I thot i had it bad, but your new writer sounds worse. Good luck. Hope she gets that caning! Lol

    1. Like your new colleague, mine is also careless. She doesn't read e-mails! In your environment, it's crucial to be careful and detailed. Geez!

      This new writer is horrible. Luckily, she is on her way out.

  2. Good gravy! If she had pulled that in any of the offices I have worked in, she would have been told to get back to her assigned desk ASAP. Disappears for a couple hours each day? As in long lunches? Again, would not be tolerated at any company I've worked for and definitely wouldn't be tolerated at my current company. Let your boss can her...your other teammates could each probably pick up a bit of her load so that you would have to pick up all of it. Good luck!

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. It's ridiculous. This woman is in her mid-50's. She's acting like a pompous diva. If I were a new employee, I wouldn't dare take a couple of hours off for lunch and drag a number of other writers down that path. She's on her way out the door. Good riddance!