Monday, December 21, 2015

Early Christmas gift exchange

My guy and I exchanged Christmas gifts early this year, as we both will be spending time with our respective families. At least we can still talk and communicate over the holidays, so that's pretty good in my books.

I got my guy a few goodies, which he loved:

  • An LED light on a keychain, with a phone screen cleaner on the light.
  • A magical wallet. You place your cash in it, flip it, and your cash is automatically secure within the elastic straps. I did a brief demo with his $5 USD bill. He was amazed!
  • Honey ginger lime soy beans that are roasted and are delicious. He loves honey and ginger. We'll see if he likes the lime part.
  • A Jam bluetooth speaker in blackberry.
  • A pair of bamboo underwear. He's geeky, so I got him a smarty pants pair. 
The underwear came in a Chinese takeout container. It was perfect, as my guy is an honourary Chinese guy.

He got me some wonderful gifts:
  • An electric pressure cooker.
  • A moose ceramic coin bank from Seattle, with Washington across the moose's backside.
  • A chocolate brown M&M's tin that looks classy. Inside the tin are chocolate M&M's.
My guy is thoughtful, even though he always thinks that his gifts aren't great. I love them. They came in a penguin-themed gift bag. I love penguins. He knows that I do. He's sweet that way.


  1. Very nice! I hope you both enjoy Christmas, even though you'll be apart.

    1. Thanks, Lilli! I hope that you and yours have a wonderful Christmas, too.

  2. You both received very thoughtful gifts. That electric pressure cooker is going to be awesome! I want one!!!! :D Sorry you have to spend the holidays apart though.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Thanks! I am thrilled with my electric pressure cooker. I highly recommend having one!