Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Once bitten, twice spanked

My guy likes giving me lovetaps throughout the day. They lead to wonderful spankings.

I was brushing my teeth. He came into the bathroom, which is spacious. He slapped each buttock several times, saying that I will always be his naughty girl.

The other evening, we went out for dinner, and came back. Kissing, hugging, and more in an elevator to ourselves going up 32 floors is wonderful.

We got into our hotel room where he hugged me from behind and gave me several kisses. He was planning on hanging up his coat.

We have wooden hangers in our closet. He took one and used it across my bottom.
"It has been a long time since I have been spanked by a wooden clothes hanger," I said.  "Bend over," he said.
I loved how it felt. Just ten slaps across my clothed backside. I was turned on. He even used the hanger to rub my crotch and get me excited. I feel bad for the next person using that hanger for their clothes.

My guy and I did some fun role-playing in which he is Mr Meanie and I am the good girl who never deserves to be spanked.

He used the leather paddle across my bottom. He took down my panties. I tried grabbing them and pulling them up, but the smacks got harder. I tried to cover my bare buttocks with my hands, but he slapped my hands away with the leather paddle, and then continued to spank me harder.

It was a fun night. He entered me from behind and made me reach orgasm. I then gave him a handjob.

We then spent the evening laughing and cuddling. He rubbed my sore bottom just before we fell asleep. It was sweet.


  1. ok mr meanie and good girl undeserving of a spanking sounds like way a lot of fun.

    i might borrow that idea :)

    glad you had a good night!

    1. Borrow away! It was definitely a ton of fun. =)

  2. Sounds like you two are really enjoying your time together...hope it continues. ;)

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. It was a wonderful week together. Here's hoping for more of them soon. =)

  3. Sounds like it was a fun night. And fun in the elevator was a nice touch.


    1. It helps that we had a long elevator ride up together. =)

  4. I'm so behind with my comments on your blog, sorry. I just couldn't find the time to read them.

    So you are having fun over there, in the same hotel. 32 floors up. I get nauseous on a
    rung ladder! OK, brave girl. And a coat hanger with a story to tell....

    Have fun you two,

    1. That's okay, Han. Life happens.

      Glad to hear from you. It was definitely a fun evening and week with my guy!