Saturday, November 29, 2014

Long day, sore bottom, and quality time

Last Thursday was a long day for both my guy and me in Istanbul. I had signed up for a walking tour of the various touristy sites in the old city. I had to be in the hotel lobby by 07:50. My guy had to go to work, but he also was meeting a software architect on the Asian side of the city after work.

I woke up at 06:50 and started getting on with my day. My guy's alarm normally goes off at 07:00. It did, but he didn't hear it because he had a pillow over his head. I actually had to gently take it off his head before he heard the alarm.

I hugged him. He reached over to squeeze my hand. He then flipped over to look at me, hugging his pillow tightly.
"You look like you don't want to get up," I remarked.
"I like sleeping," he said like a little boy.
"Well, you have to go to work soon. I need to grab some breakfast," I advised.
"Okay," he said, closing his eyes again.
"Hope to see you on your feet when I come back," I said, kissing him on his forehead and heading out the door.
The lounge next door serves hot breakfast. I didn't get bored of it one bit that entire week. I'd say about twenty minutes later, I came back to the room. My guy was sitting on the edge of the bed, looking down at his phone.
"I set the bar too high when I said that you'd be on your feet by the time I came back into the room," I said, kissing him.
"I just sat up seconds before you walked into the room," he said, with a huge smile.
"What are we going to do with you?!"
I wished him a good day. He reciprocated. I headed downstairs to the lobby and got my ride to the old city.

The tour had a lot of walking. It was a good tour with a knowledgeable tour guide. I took tons of pictures, talked to the other tourists in my group, and enjoyed being a tourist, too.

One of the stops was at a rug store. We were served warm apple cider in a traditional Turkish cup and saucer. I ended up buying a small rug, which fit nicely in my suitcase.

I got back to the hotel just after 18:00. I was not expecting to see my guy.

I was waiting for the elevator in the lobby. When the doors opened, I saw my guy coming out. We talked briefly, both of us happy to see each other.
"How was your tour?" he asked me.
"Good, but there was a lot of walking," I said. "I got a rug!"
"Nice!" he said, smiling at me.
"You smell good," I noticed.
"I shaved my face," he said, as I went to touch his smooth skin.
"Nice! Have a good time tonight."
"Thanks. You, too. I'll see you soon," he replied, and headed off to the metro.
I rested a bit once I got to the room. I then decided to grab some dinner in the lounge. I then came back and took it easy. I took a shower, watched TV, and caught up with some e-mail.

My guy came back a few hours later and bought me a couple of cookies. He is sweet that way. He knows that I am a sucker for pastries and cookies.

We both talked about our day. We shared pictures that we had taken. We then cuddled and watched TV together.

At one point, our conversation led to this exchange:
"You are such a bad girl," he said to me.
"What do you plan to do about it?" I asked him innocently.
"Well, I can either make your butt purple or pink."
"That's not nice," I replied.
"At least I am giving you a choice. If you get the leather paddle, you will get a pink bottom. Otherwise, I will have to use my hand, and you will have a purple and blue bottom."
"But, I don't want to go get the leather paddle," I whined playfully.
"It's not my problem. I want you to fetch that paddle so I can use it on you."
I reluctantly got out of the bed to go get my leather paddle from my suitcase. I then crawled into bed. I was on all fours.
"I like when you don't wear a bra and your nipples are hard under your t-shirt," he remarked, playing with them.
"You told me not to wear a bra. See, I am a good girl," I replied smartly.
"No, you're still a bad girl," he said, giving me a couple of light slaps with the paddle.
I went over his lap. He pulled down my pajama shorts and slapped me with the leather paddle. There was a rhythm to it. He would first alternate smacking each buttock. He would then pick out specific spots on each buttock and slap that same area five times. The smacks grew harder. I became wet and more aroused.

He stopped spanking me once I could feel my bottom warm up. He them played with me until I reached orgasm, which doesn't take long when I am that aroused. I hugged him tightly. He rubbed my bottom for a bit.

I then went to give him a handjob. We tried something a bit different and watched a porn flick on his phone. He came all over my hand. I went to get a towel to clean us both up.

Although we had a long day, the ending was perfect.


  1. Sounds like a lovely time was had by both of you CB. I love to play tourist in different cities and it is so much more enjoyable when your tour guide is personable and knowledgeable. Am envious over here...would love to have a Turkish carpet. ;)

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. I agree that it's fun being a tourist. She was such a great tour guide. I was fortunate to have her that day.

      The rug is pretty. It's primarily blue and beige, with pretty little flower patterns. If I have a chance to take a photo of it, I will post it. It's cute and the perfect souvenir.

  2. I'm sure the memories are a far better souvenir, girl with the naughty name. Naughty things too. Customs: And madam, what is this. CB: Well a leather paddle sir.
    Customs: that is why your cheeks are as rosy as your bottom. Thank God for body scans at the airport.

    1. True! Our luggage did get scanned, but I didn't get pulled aside to explain the leather paddle. If my guy worked for customs, he would have had me explain why I had the paddle and would likely use it on me. =)