Sunday, November 09, 2014

Dinner and dessert - part 3

The diner that we visited was cozy. We had a booth all to ourselves. The lighting in the diner was dim, nice, and just right.

My guy looked at me longingly and said that I looked gorgeous. He's sweet that way.

I saw that there were several hot dog dishes on the menu and said that I'd order one. At first, he didn't like that. But, he then changed his mind and said that I could, because he was in a good mood.

Spaghetti with one giant meatball!
Well, I had eyed having the spaghetti and meatballs. I also didn't want to rock the boat with his happy mood, which made him laugh. He ordered the west coast burger, which looked equally as yummy as my dish.

We held hands across the table. He took pictures of me because he wanted me to see how pretty I am from his perspective.

We shared a pecan pie with vanilla bean ice cream. It was the best pecan pie that I have had in ages.

Pecan pie with vanilla bean ice cream
I had to get up to visit the powder room (seems fitting to say it, being at a diner). I got up and caressed my guy's head, which was nice. I came back moments later and we walked out the door together.

We figured out after leaving the diner that it is connected to a posh hotel. There was a Rolls Royce parked outside. I suggested that my guy take a picture of it, because he is a car buff.

There were two women in front of the hotel watching us as they smoked. One of them was kind to offer taking our photo in front of the car, to make us look like we owned it. She was great.

These photos are significant. We have never been in a photo together. It is generally one of us taking a photo of the other. Now, we have a couple of couple photos.

We held hands as we walked to my car. My guy felt that we needed more dessert. He wanted to cuddle.

I will backtrack a bit. A few weeks ago, my guy was depressed and said that we should hold off on treehouse time, which upset me. We had a decent conversation about it and I said that I needed to cuddle at the very least. He agreed. So, this evening was a complete surprise when he said that he was up for cuddling.

We got into the backseat of my car and we cuddled. I love being in his arms. He kissed me on my forehead several times. My head was rested comfortably on his chest.

My guy was caressing my butt. He decided to slide his hand under my panties and play with my buttocks, groping them, which was nice. He then proceeded to try to finger my butt.

I stopped him. I didn't want that. He told me that he wanted to. I reminded him that he wanted to put treehouse time on the backburner for a bit.

I have never heard him beg in almost a whiny tone. He begged me to let him. He explained that he was depressed back then, but wanted to be intimate with me again in our treehouse. Finally, I removed my hand that was preventing his from sliding any further.

He promised that he wouldn't finger my bottom, but would play with my sensitive nerve endings. It got me all excited and I came.

Well, he broke his promise moments later. He fingered my butt, and I reached orgasm again.

We cleaned him up afterwards and I snuggled up against him. He told me that my stopping him from playing with me turned him on. I could tell. His member of extremely hard in his pants.

I let his hard cock out and played with it, making him ejaculate all over my hand. His cum coated my entire hand. He was dopey and happy, like I was. Two out of seven dwarf names isn't bad.

We cuddled and kissed some more. Eventually, it was time to drive him back to his car.

It was the perfect date night. It was long overdue, but well worth the wait.


  1. Woohoo! You got your hot dog CB!!! Happy you had such lovely date night...with lots of treehouse time. ;)

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. Thanks so much, Cat! It was definitely a wonderful date night. We need more of those. =)

  2. You do certainly derserve more of those, girl with the naughty name! I'm glad about the photo's (not the dinner ones as I'm on a diet), but the ones together. Treasure them.


    1. I believe in indulging in moderation food-wise and it was a special date night out. So, I captured everything, even dinner, on digital film. I'm so glad that I did!