Friday, January 23, 2015

Spanked Saturday and a bit of today

I have a lot to write about. The problem is finding the time to write these days.

At work, I have a new writer that joined this week. I have spent roughly half of my time training her. We also have a workshop with two guests from Sweden. I have spent a couple of enjoyable nights showing them around the city, having dinner with them, shopping, and taking them to their first NHL hockey game.

So, about last Saturday...

My guy was kind to tell me what his flight number was and when it was scheduled to land. I checked his flight's status throughout the day. His plane left late, so it was delayed by an extra forty minutes.

It was nice to see my guy again. He looked good.

He drove over to my car in the underground parking lot at work. His car's trunk was open.
"Hey, do you normally drive with the trunk popped open?" I asked him as I walked over to him.
"I just wanted to see you as quickly as I could," he said, rummaging through his luggage to give me a gift.
Thailand is known for elephants. He got me a traditional taxi replica, complete with functional wheels. It had purple as one of its colours, which I remarked immediately. It also had elephants around the taxi's rear. I loved it. My guy also got me a comfortable pair of slippers.

We proceeded to the treehouse, which is the backseat of my car. It was toasty warm.

We held hands. My guy has decided to grow his hair for the winter. It keeps his head warm.

We kissed. A lot. Perhaps for ten minutes. He told me that he could only think about kissing my sweet lips his entire time away from me. He told me that I was gorgeous. I told him that I missed him so much and it was wonderful being in his arms again.

His hat came off. I got to caress his head and soft hair. We were hugging each other tightly. It felt right.

We took off our coats. We chatted for a bit. My guy explained that the zipper on his pants broke at the airport, so he has been walking around with his fly wide open. I couldn't help but giggle.
"So, your penis needed to bust out and see the world," I said.
"He doesn't do that all the time. It happens only when you're around," he admitted.
"It figures that your cock did in Bangkok," I teased, which made us both laugh.
We kissed a bit more.
"You need to be spanked," he insisted.
"But, why?"
"You haven't kissed me or sucked me in ages," he replied.
"You've been away. That's not my fault," I protested.
"Sure, it is. It's always your fault. Come here," he said, pointing at his lap.
"I don't want to," I said, as he guided me over his lap and gave me a couple of slaps before I was across his lap.
The smacks were hard. I loved every moment of it. He told me that I was such a bad girl. I tightly hugged his thigh as he continued to spank each buttock with his bare hand.

He eventually made me reach orgasm, which was so pleasurable. When I could finally manage to get myself up from his lap, I hugged him tightly and we kissed some more.

Of course, I had to reciprocate. I got to play with his hard cock, which eventually came out of his pants (having a broken zipper makes things easier) and briefs.

We actually pleasured each other and we both came simultaneously. We have done that in the past, but I had forgotten how relaxed and nice it felt afterwards.

Yes, we were dopey and content afterwards. We cleaned up, hugged, and chatted for a bit.

My bottom was starting to feel achy. It's a nice feeling.


  1. What a lovely reunion for the two of you CB...hope you get more time together soon.

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. Thanks, Cat! It has been a bit crazy to find time for us to spend together, but it has definitely better than when he is travelling abroad.