Saturday, July 28, 2012

Slapping, orgasmic time in the treehouse

It has been great having my guy back. I am a bit behind with my posts. I would love to describe what we did today, but I need to talk about Wednesday's fun first.

I got to work in the afternoon and started chatting with a colleague. My guy then came over to our cubicle area and said hi to me. It was nice to chat with him.

He then came over to my desk with his wired mouse. He was having problems with using it on his laptop. He wanted to try the USB connection on my laptop, to diagnose the problem. He talked about "popping," which made me tease him over taking pills to get him high. His mouse worked fine on my laptop. I gave it back to him. He took the cord and playfully whipped my right arm with it.
"Bad, Cutiebootie! Bad!" he said with a smile.
"Is that it?" I asked him playfully.
"You'll have to make it up to me later," he said with a sheepish grin on my face.
I decided to lend him my extra wired mouse. I reached over the cubicle wall to pass it over to him. He held my hand and the mouse. It was sweet.

We all talked about camping. He showed us pictures of a caterpillar on his head. It was cute. I told him that I wished that I were that caterpillar. My guy has a uniform, adorable skull. He smiled.

At around 17:00, my guy logged on to Skype and discreetly set up a rendezvous with me at the treehouse. As explained in a post way back when, we both give each other nicknames of our private parts. It was fun using those nicknames on Skype.

I left work at 18:00 and drove over to our regular spot. I had debated whether to change into my black lacy panties. I decided not to. I wanted to see if my guy would notice. About ten minutes later, my guy parked next to me. We both climbed into the backseat of the treehouse.

My guy said that I looked as cute as ever. He loves kissing my hand, gradually moving his lips my arm and neck. We looked at each other lovingly. I then touched his right cheek and initiated a kiss. It was nice to kiss his soft lips again and again.

My left leg went over his right thigh as we continued to kiss. He played with my breasts, eventually letting them out of my black lacy bra, and having my nipples touched and pinched. The experience was heavenly.

He unzipped my pants, and proceeded to finger my clitoris and anus. It was wonderful. He called me a slut. I got extremely turned on and eventually came. I then rested in his arms. My guy lovingly swept my hair away from my face and said that I was beautiful.

Moments later, he asked that I slip my pants off completely for more access. He made me come again. He called me a whore and slapped both sides of my face a number of times. After the first four slaps, I had the strong urge to kiss him. I did. Moments later, he delicately pushed me away.
"You can't kiss me whenever you want," he stated. "You're a slut. I tell you when you can kiss me."
He went on to slap my face again.
"Yes, sir," I said, a bit dejected, but it went away as he was magically working on my clit.
It has been a while since I have reached orgasm twice in succession. I felt relaxed and was in dopey mode. He loved seeing me in that state.

Once I had snapped out of being in dopey mode, I worked on him by giving him a handjob. We tried something different, where he rubbed his hard, erect cock as I played with his balls. He ejaculated into my right hand. It was quite the release. It was nice.

We relaxed for a bit and talked. He got me a present while he was in St. Petersburg. I had a good feeling about it. He had taken a photo of a number of Matryoshka dolls and I loved it. He gave me a set. I was so happy. I used to have a set when I was a little girl, except that I had dunked them in water and the dolls ended up being warped. My guy chuckled.

I felt a bit of soreness in my cheeks. My guy apologized for hitting me harder than the first time that we had experimented with having my face slapped. He was expecting my cheeks to turn red, but they never did. He lovingly rubbed my cheeks as I closed my eyes and savoured the moment.

On Monday, my guy and I were talking away from our cubicle area. I was leaning up against the wall. He had talked about how complicated languages can be and his rant made me laugh uncontrollably, to the point where I had bent my knees and wanted to sit on the carpet.
"You know, when you were laughing on Monday, you looked so cute," he admitted.
"Really?" I said with a smile.
"I wish that I had this doll set on Monday," I said playfully.
"Yes, a cute doll holding a cute doll," he said smoothly.
Toward the end of our conversation, he admitted that he would be sad when the time comes for him to sell his car, as we have had so many good memories in our treehouse so far. I told him that we'll make new memories in the new treehouse, whenever he does get one. He nodded in agreement.

My guy then asked me why I wasn't wearing any black panties. I told him that I didn't think that we were going to meet today. He smiled, but I could tell that he wanted to see them on me.

I asked whether I could hug him or if he would slap my face. He was back to his sweet self and held me tight as I reciprocated.