Saturday, November 17, 2007

My smarting bottom

My bottom is achy.  It smarts.

Last night, I wanted my bottom smacked.  I found a cross between a wooden ruler and a plank of wood that I had bought a few years back.  It's basically a ruler that has three holes punched in it, to conveniently place in a binder.  Yet, the weight is decent enough to land quite a paddling on a naughty backside.

I wanted my bottom whacked with this wooden paddle-ruler.  I waved it around my husband, G, left it on the table in front of him, and then bent over.  I was in a playful mood.

Sure enough, G was in favour of giving my backside some much needed warmth.  Over his knee, he took down my pajama bottoms and lightly tapped my bottom with the ruler-paddle.  It was becoming a birthday spanking, even though my birthday was in July.  I love them nonetheless.

He pulled down my panties and proceeded to use more force to soundly smack my backside.  I got my age in smacks with the ruler-paddle, with one to grow on.  This spanking happened twice.  I then got some rather stingy whacks.  I got the same number, but on each cheek.  My bottom was aching and I was excited.  By the end of this, I ended up with a couple of pinches on my bottom and had to rub it.

Tonight, I felt like the same spanking.  Over G's knee I went.  My bottom was obviously a bit tender today.  The same ritual took place, except that each whack with the ruler-paddle seemed harder on my already achy backside.    The only difference tonight was that I got a bare-bottomed birthday spanking after the ruler-paddle spanking.  I love when G uses his hand to give me a much deserved spanking.  After reaching orgasmic levels of satisfaction, we cuddled.

As I type this, my bottom smarts tons.  I wonder how I'll feel with a similar spanking tomorrow, making it three consecutive spanking days.    G will like it, I'm sure.  I may have to take Monday off from work.  I won't be able to sit all day with such a smarting backside.


  1. Wow, your husband is a lucky guy. I ran into your blog yesterday, and I've read most of your posts since then. It's the rare woman that loves both giving and receiving spankings to the degree you do. About 95% of the women in the scene, from my experience, are bottoms. Most of the remaining 5% are tops. I would love to find a woman who loves both giving and receiving spankings (rather than just loving to receive spankings and willing to tolerate my desire to receive a spanking), and you've given me some hope in that respect.

    I'm curious as to your age, because I'd like to know how many spankings you get when you receive n or some variation. I think that you should receive n squared spankings with your husband's hand if you really do something naughty. You seem to have a high pain tolerance, but that would be truly impressive :) (especially if on each butt cheek).

    I just thought I'd throw in my two cents, and I look forward to reading about your burning, stinging buttocks in the future.


  2. Thanks for reading along and for taking the time to write, Steven... much appreciated!

    Yes, I'm am a bit different in that I'm a switch -- we do exist! It goes through phases, depending on our moods. I'd say that when G and I were first dating and got married, we were pretty even as far as giving and receiving spankings. Perhaps a couple of years later, the focus was more spanking him. These days, I enjoy having most of the the focus on my backside getting spanked, slipping in a spanking for him here and there.

    As for my age, I'm in my thirties. n-squared spankings sound terrific, but I don't think I could handle receiving so many smacks on each cheek! I'll pass that idea on to the husband. He may get tired after using his hand for the first three hundred! I guess that's where implements come in handy...

    Thanks again for visiting! I hope to post something new this week. =)

  3. I need to be spanked. It was so hard to convince my husband to spank me. It took him two years to be okay with this and understand it calms me down. Now he spanks me twice a week otk, panties down. Spankings are on bare backside only. He mostly uses his hand, but switches to a hairbrush if I really am stressed out. I get so worked up in life and let too many thing bother me. He knows when I am off the wall with worry, stress and being snappish. He gently suggests I need a spanking. We go into our bedroom and depending on how hard I need it, he can use his hand or switch to a hairbrush, if he thinks I need it. Sometimes I need it every night before bed to be able to sleep. He's become an expert spanker and knows what I need and how much. I'm a bottom and he's the top. He'd never switch. He's too alpha male. He'll never force a spanking on me, but he expects me to submit to one when needed. Many times he feels I need to be a bit humbled when I'm on my high horse. He then requests that I remove all clothing and bend over his knee or the bed. He spanks hard, fast and long. I stopped worrying long ago why I need to be spanked. I just know that I feel secure and cherished over his knee getting my bare behind attended to. Sometimes he mixes it with a massage all over my body and then has me get back over his knee for more spanking. Eventually my endorphins kick in and I'm calmer. He likes to give two spankings in a row. Usually I get another in the morning. It works for us and I'm calmer now.

  4. Thanks for visiting, commenting, and sharing your need to be spanked. I truly appreciate your perspective.

    I can relate to being stressed out and calming down by getting a spanking. I do worry often myself. I had back surgery a month ago and worry about whether I have my job to go back to. Although it's silly, as my manager has told me to not rush my return back to work, I still worry. I realize it's a business decision to delegate the work that I would have done to colleagues who can get the work done. However, they don't do my job for a living and I am still concerned about making sure they are okay doing the task at hand.

    One of the people who has been given some of my work to do is my guy that I have been seeing. I feel bad that he has to do my work. He's okay with it. He tells me to rest up, but he also realizes that I need a release from getting stressed out over nothing. So, we have chats over the phone about spankings. When I see him, I'm relaxed when we cuddle, hug, kiss, and when he spanks me. I feel better afterward and all my worries melt away until I start to go down that worry road again.

  5. That sounds like the best of both worlds. Morning spankings are very good to start the day off right.

    1. I completely agree! Thanks for stopping by. =)