Friday, August 25, 2017

Paddle hairbrush or thin leather paddle?

I have two implements. I let my guy choose which one he wants to spank me with.

The first is a wooden paddle hairbrush. It is rectangular, so it covers a lot of surface area when it comes to delivering a decent smack across each buttock.

The second is a long, thin leather paddle. It's kind of like a ruler, except that it's a bit wider in length. It's all leather and it packs a decent, consistent slap each time.

My guy prefers the latter. He has yet to spank me with the former.

I asked him why. He likes the longer handle on the leather paddle. He also likes how effective it is across my bare backside.

I'm good with whatever implement he uses. I simply love when he spanks me.


  1. I received a very memorable and satisfying paddling with a leather strap very similar to what you describe, and it really put me to the test.

    The sound it made added to the excitement, a succinct and attention-grabbing smack. The sting was sharp but tolerable, and remained in position and encouraged her to test my limits.

    Wood is more intense. It covers more area, and the afterglow is more long lasting.

    If you want to feel thoroughly spanked, it's good to get it with multiple implements for variety of sensations to gain the full measure of the experience. The hand adds an intimate connection, and provides the opportunity for rubs amid the smacks as a welcome change of pace.

    Hope you get a little bit of everything you crave.

    1. It's nice to hear that you had a good paddling. It sounds exciting and inviting!

      I prefer wood over leather as a spanking implement. I also like an open hand. I love when my guy uses both a wooden ruler and his hand. The more implements, the more I enjoy the smacks across my backside.

      I am with you with the sound that the implement makes. It turns me on and gets me excited.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. They made my day. =)

  2. Wood is the standard for a genuine paddling. I love seeing pictures of wooden paddles and imagining how each would feel and the sound it would make on my backside. I like to run my hands over a smoothly polished paddle and to feel it pressed against my bottom before the paddling begins. All of those elements adds to the excitement and getting turned on -- the sound, the texture of the wood and imagining submitting to the paddling.

    I hadn't experience leather before. The sound was different and so was the way it felt. I liked it. One reason was that I could endure more hard swats of the strap than with wood. I also agree that more implements makes for a more varied and satisfying paddling.

    Hope you get the spanking you desire this weekend!

    1. My guy likes to rub the wooden ruler against my bare backside before he spanks me with it. I love how it feels and the anticipation is heightened for me.

      Thanks, Styxman! I am looking forward to a fun weekend. =)