Sunday, August 27, 2017

My guy was right about my nails

My guy is the first to admit that he noticed my nails when we first met. Although I would have thought that it would have been my face, he has always insisted that he looks at a woman's hands first.

He loves my hands, but the nails reeled him in. I remember being in the lunchroom and we were alone. He actually lifted my left pinky finger with his to look at how shiny my nail was.

He asked me when we were finally dating whether I would consider putting coloured polish on my nails. Back then, I had nail strengthener on, which was clear.

Since I have been training and supervising students at work, a number of them have thought that I go to a nail salon every week. I wouldn't be able to afford going 52 times a year. I have only been to a nail salon once so far in 2017.

Lately, I have had the administrator at work, as well as a female colleague, ask me about my nail routine. It's not complicated at all!
  1. Start with clean, natural nails.
  2. Apply a base coat, ensuring that your nail polish adheres nicely.
  3. Apply a thin first coat of nail polish. Let it dry. Polish dries faster when it's a thin coat.
  4. Apply a second thin coat of polish. Let it dry.
  5. Apply a top coat to seal everything. Let it dry.
That's it. The key is to find a nail polish colour that lasts.

I find that giving myself a manicure to be a nice way to de-stress. Same goes with a pedicure, but I tend to do the former more often.

When I am wearing sandals, my guy notices both the polish on my toenails and fingernails. He's observant. He does indeed love my nails.

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