Saturday, February 25, 2017

Work and the weekend

Work is never dull. Unfortunately, a lot of the work that I had planned to complete didn't happen this week.

It was a short week, but it still felt long.

I had to help out a writer who does not know what he is doing. He isn't even on my team! I spent two hours on Tuesday working with him on something fairly straightforward.

In December, he tampered with a graphic for some reason, which caused a bunch of errors. I asked him to fix the issue, but he never did. I didn't realize until today that his actions caused a PDF document to not generate properly. It opened up a single blank page. I fixed the issue and asked that he consult with me in future if he plans on editing a graphic that my group of writers has worked on. I wasted an hour troubleshooting and fixing the issue.

My students are great, but they need tons of guidance. My manager says to let them run loose. I did that on Tuesday and it was disastrous. Nope, they aren't ready to fly.

I am happy that my week is over and that I can unwind. I enjoy sleeping in on weekends. It's just a nice way to relax and destress.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Being polite and slapping my butt

Although there are some capitalization and spelling issues, I found this image on Instagram:

Sounds like my guy. I love it all!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

A (hard) hat for your cock?

A while back, I posted a fun photo on my Instagram account. The photo was an icicle that had fallen in front of my bedroom window. It looked like a penis.

Well, a number of folks liked the photo. One such like came from a company called Cock Topz. Apparently, you can dress up your favourite cock with a hat.

I am wondering what my guy would think about getting such a gift from me. Hmm...

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Missing my guy and going with the spanking option

I miss my guy. I miss having a sore butt after being spanked for being bad.

I don't know who to credit for the photo. Then again, if I wrote the second sentence, I wouldn't want to admit that I wrote it!

Always take the second option in this case.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Long weekend is made for geeky projects and sleepyheads

It has been a three-day weekend for me, thanks to Family Day. Unfortunately, it has come to an end.

I have been fiddling around with geeky computer tasks that I once did often. For the longest time, my Mac mini has been without a speaker system. I finally got that resolved. I also ended up doing a few video conversions, so that I can play some of my videos on my phone. Don't worry -- nothing racy!

My guy continues to recover from jet lag. He told me that he is "sleeping around." I told him that he is my sweet slutty sleepyhead, which made him chuckle.

The Fifty Shades Darker DVD allegedly comes out in May. Pre-orders are already available on Amazon! I am going to hold off. Last time, Best Buy had a nice commemorative set that I snatched up last year for Fifty Shades of Grey. I am hoping for something similar with the second movie.

Monday, February 20, 2017

VPN access and Christian Grey wants to spank me on Messenger

I am in a bit of a geeky girl mood these days.

For a while, I have been researching Virtual Private Networks (VPN). I have a few reasons why I need to be connected to a VPN:

  • I need to protect sensitive information while I am online
  • My Skype account got hacked a few months ago
  • I am travelling to a country in a few months that bans a number of Google and social media sites
  • I watch NHL GameCentre Live, a service that often looks at your IP address to determine whether you can watch specific games, depending on where you reside
I finally took the plunge and bought a lifetime membership to a VPN service. MacTrast offers a number of deals on VPNs. I did some research, asked questions, and bought my service yesterday.

The VPN works well on my Google Pixel phone and my Mac products. In fact, I am using it as I type on my Mac mini.

The catch is to figure out how to get it to work while I am using my Playstation 3 to watch NHL games. I figure that I probably need to configure my router settings. So, that will be my next exciting step.

The more enjoyable, geeky tidbit of information that I have is that you can chat with Christian Grey on Facebook Messenger. Well, you're really chatting with a Christian Grey bot, but it's pretty fun if you are a fan. 

He wants to spank me. I don't mind it one bit.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Watching Fifty Shades Darker again and saving money on plastic bags

On Saturday, I went to see Fifty Shades Darker for the second time at a movie theatre. I can't recall when was the last time that I have seen a movie multiple times at a theatre. It is rare. I love this one.

Seeing a movie that you love over again makes you pick up details that you hadn't before. I can't wait to get my hands on my own copy. This time at the theatre, there were about five people who stayed to watch the credits and get a glimpse of Fifty Shades Freed.

My guy has returned from his travels and is dead tired. We talked briefly. He asked me what I did after the movies. I told him that I went grocery shopping.
"The woman cashing me out asked whether I wanted a plastic bag for five cents. I declined. If I needed two trips to get my groceries to the car to save money on plastic bags, I would. I have plenty of reusable bags in my car's trunk," I explained.
"You are becoming a true Cheap Bastard like me. I am so proud of you," he gushed.
He's tired, but he's not so tired to recognize CB tendencies.