Friday, June 23, 2017

Gifts and appreciation

I like my co-op students. I have three of them for this workterm, which is a record number for me.

On Monday, I met with them and gave them small gifts from my Shanghai travels. I tried to get a couple of items that were made or from China. We joke fairly often that most materialistic items come from this country. However, I truly was looking for items that they would like from China.

I got them each a bag of loose leaf jasmine tea. From China? Check. It's fragrant and helps reduce stress, among other things.

My other gift sounds odd. I found the Hershey's Store in Shanghai. I got milk chocolate in the shape of small balls. They were housed in a beautiful Hello Kitty tin with no English on it. You had a mountain behind Hello Kitty with Chinese characters on the tin. Perfect!

On Thursday, they mentioned how yummy the chocolate was and how much they appreciated the gifts that I had given them. They didn't see it coming, which is the best type of gift that I enjoy dishing out.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Seeing my guy all next week and noticing improvements in my vision

My guy works from home most of the time. He doesn't have a huge need to come into the office, unless he is there for training or has to talk to someone.

He let me know that he is in the office all next week. It's wonderful news, as it means that we will have lunch dates. We both miss them.

The other thing is that he is normally the one who is delivering training. This time around, he is attending a course.

My good news is about my right eye. If you have been reading along for a while, you will know that I had an eye stroke back in late March. On Wednesday, I went back to my ophthalmologist for my third eye injection.

To recap, my first injection containing a pretty powerful drug did a lot of good. A lot of the blood clotting in my central vision dissipated. My second injection continued the trend, although the improvement wasn't as drastic.

I did an eye test on Wednesday. The eye assistant was pleased that I was reading the eye charts well for both eyes.

I then talked to my ophthalmologist, who said that my right eye is "almost perfect." It's great news! After this injection, I will go back in a month to get another assessment. If all goes well, my monthly injections will be staggered over longer periods.

My second injection wasn't too pleasant. We both felt that there wasn't enough numbing done to my eye, so I felt more than I should have. This time around, his assistant put more numbing fluid in my eye and he made sure that there wasn't any stinging happening when he cleaned my eye with iodine. All went well with the needle.

It's definitely encouraging news about my sight. I am glad that I am recovering nicely. My guy never doubted that, which I love him for being so positive and supportive.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Concert and parking lot changes

The other night, I went to see a concert. I had a fabulous time!

I used to work downtown. I have a particular parking lot where I park and walk over to the venue. It has been roughly a couple of years since I have parked at this lot. It has changed! It no longer is dumpy. Luckily, the price is still right.

After the show, I walked back to the building in which the parking lot is located. The security guard and I had a brief conversation. He was pleasant and asked me if I was going to the parking lot. I was and even indicated the level. He was kind to point to the elevator that would take me down. I had used a different elevator that got me on the mezzanine level earlier in the evening. I thanked him and continued on my merry way.

Unfortunately, leaving the parking lot was annoying. The person in front of me could not get his payment method going at the exit area. After patiently waiting for him to get his transaction done for five minutes, I went to a different kiosk, put my ticket in, and left.

I do like the new parking lot. The parking spaces are wide, which prevents idiots from dinging my car if I am parked next to them.

Monday, June 19, 2017

2011 - year of the Cutiebootie

A while back, my guy and I had this conversation.
"We started dating back in 2011," my guy remarked.
"I'm impressed that you remember," I said to him, thoroughly impressed.
"How can I forget? I will always remember it being the year of the Cutiebootie," he said, smiling.
It doesn't seem that long, but it was a magical day in September. He met me at work, fresh from a trip from Portugal. It was the first time that we hugged, kissed, and he spanked me across a desk at work.

I got in a reflective mood. It is a good thing that I blog. It was nice reminiscing by reading a number of posts from early on in our relationship.

I love that the spark is still there and that we have grown as a loving, fun couple.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Coughing fit after seeing poultry blood at the supermarket

It has been an interesting learning experience when it comes to having bronchitis and how my coughing gets worse when I am mildly stressed out.

On Saturday, I felt well enough to go out and get some groceries. I haven't had much to eat for breakfast, other than cereal and English muffins. Then again, my appetite has been shot until now.

The person in front of me at the supermarket checkout had packages of chicken drumsticks. One of the packages had the plastic wrap torn wide open. I was watching the man try and put it back together. He then had chicken blood and juices on his hand, which he decided to wipe on his jeans.

I used to work in food services. It's not the proper way to handle food. I sensed a ton of food contamination happening, among other things. Considering that I am recovering from being sick, I am sensitive to spreading germs.

I spotted chicken blood that his package had started by the product scanner. Sure enough, the cashier scanned my mixed bean salad across the blood and the scanner. I had to point out that she needed to wipe the blood off her scanning area as well as my bean salad container.

She was good with my request. I was so grossed out, but thanked her. I paid for my goodies, put them in my bag, and headed over to my car.

By the time I had loaded everything in my car, including me, my coughing fit had started. A minute later, I was okay.

I am typically not that squeamish when it comes to seeing poultry blood. However, I am not my normal self, so it was an observation that I found intriguing when I am sick.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Why can't medical folks communicate well?

My biggest beef this year seeing various medical folks is that they don't communicate with one another. As someone who needs to communicate with people often, it drives me crazy.

The other day, when I went in to see my doctor for my regular quarterly checkup, as well as for my bronchitis. She asked a ton of questions about my eye stroke. I couldn't answer any of them. I asked if she got the report from my ophthalmologist. She didn't. I know that I gave him my family doctor's name and address.

She asked for the phone number of my ophthalmologist's office. Luckily, I had that on my phone. So, I showed her the number on my cell phone. She called her receptionist and asked to get my report from that office.
"Do you mind waiting for the report?" she asked me.
"Frankly, I want to go home and sleep," I admitted. "I don't know how long it will take."
"You have a good point."
I had already waited for 40 minutes in the waiting room to see my doctor. Why do I need to do it for an unspecified period when I am obviously not feeling well with all that coughing and sniffling?

My doctor is understanding. She said that she would follow up with me once the report comes to her. I just wish that medical folks made my life easier, rather than causing more havoc that I do not need to be subjected to.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Sick day, windshield replacement, sleep, and a one-word meme

I decided to take a sick day on Thursday. It worked out fairly well.

I got a solid block of sleep overnight. However, I wanted more. It wasn't going to happen, as it was garbage day. All I heard were doors opening and closing on my street, garbage and recycling trucks stopping and going, and kids screaming as they made their way to school. Ugh!

On a good note, the windshield to replace my car's cracked one was in stock. I drove my car over to the glass shop and got a courtesy shuttle back home. Three hours later, it was done. So, said shuttle came back to fetch me and my car looks new again. I'm thrilled!

I slept from 15:30 till 18:45. It did a world of wonder! I feel less grumpy and more rested. More importantly, I don't seem to be coughing as much. Perhaps my bronchitis is slowly dissipating.

The other day, I saw a one-word meme on Fondles' blog. So, here goes:
  1. Where is your phone? Lap
  2. Your hair? Medium
  3. Your dad? Sleeping
  4. Your other half? Sleeping 
  5. Your favourite food? Tiramisu
  6. Your dream last night? Jumping
  7. Your favourite drink? Mojito
  8. Fear? Heights
  9. Favourite? Vacation
  10. Favourite way to relax? Sleep
  11. Your mood? Tired 
  12. I love? Relaxing 
  13. Where were you last night? Home
  14. Something that you aren't?  Petite
  15. Muffins? Sometimes
  16. Wish list item? Money
  17. Where you grew up? Toronto
  18. Last thing you did?  Showered
  19. What are you wearing right now? Pyjamas
  20. Something you hate? Tardiness
  21. Your pets? Fish
  22. Friends? Grateful
  23. Life? Rollercoaster
  24. Regrets? Some
  25. Missing someone? Boyfriend
It's tough to narrow a description down to a single word. Give it a try if you feel like it!