Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Teasing over the phone while driving

My guy likes when I tease him.
"I'm about two minutes from home. How about you?" he asked me over the phone.
"I'm roughly five minutes away," I said.
"That's good. Continue to drive safely," he said.
"I know why you called me. You were thinking of someone whom you could chat with during your long drive home and you chose me," I teased.
"Is that what you think?" he said, mildly outranged.
"No, you're just being your thoughtful, sweet self to see how I am. I love teasing you," I admitted.
"You're welcome to tease me all you like. I love it," he replied.
I'm glad that he does.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Teasing him about driving his future electric car

It's fun teasing my guy. We were talking about electric cars.
"When you get an electric car, I can drive it," I teased.
"No, you cannot drive it," he said firmly.
"Sure, I can," I said.
"If I had a bicycle, you can ride it," he said.
"Yay! I win!" I said with delight.
"You'll take two wheels out of four?" he asked me curiously.
"It's a good start. You said yes, which is a step in the right direction," I said.
He likes when I tease him. He knows that I do it lovingly.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Chatting about food while driving home

It's a good thing that my guy and I didn't make plans after he got off the plane on Saturday. It sounds odd, but it'll make sense when I describe the whole ordeal.

His flight was delayed by half an hour. Ten other flights had arrived when his did. There was a huge lineup to do the customs declaration and even a longer time talking to a border official.

He called me at nearly 17:00. He should have been home by that time, but he had just picked up his car. We were both driving home, in the same direction, but our starting points were off by about 200 km.

Instead, we talked about food.
"I really love the powdered low-carb peanut butter that you got me. I love it. I took it with me on this trip," he said.
"I'm glad," I replied.
"I also got a beef shawarma wrap at the restaurant that we were at last weekend. It's so authentic and tasty," he said.
"I'm happy that you love the food there. It's my favourite shawarma place," I noted. "I can't find a decent one close to home."
"You may want to try Scarborough. There are a bunch of Middle Eastern places," he suggested.
"That makes sense. I'll check it out sometime," I replied.
We chatted for just under an hour, which was enough time for both of us to arrive home safely.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Cell phone options and battery replacement

Last weekend, I went to get my cell phone battery replaced. My phone is a month shy of being two years old. It hasn't been holding a charge well for a few months now.

After getting the battery replaced, my phone feels like it is brand new. It's nice to not charge it for the entire day and have its battery life rapidly deplete.

My guy is heading home. He has a OnePlus 2T phone and loves it. He has recommended my getting the OnePlus 6T phone when it's available.

I just read how much the new iPhone X phones are going for. Yikes! I feel like I'd be selling my soul getting one.

I am still interested in a Google Pixel 3 XL phone. I love my Google Pixel phone and feel like I'm ready to go with a larger screen. It simply depends on how much that phone is going for and how it feels in my hand.

It's crazy how expensive phones are getting. Maybe I should get an analog phone and call it good.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Miracles at work and exhaustion

It has been a busy week. We just finished two software releases. My new students have done well in helping push them out.

I had a rare moment the other day where all three of us attended our team meeting and were actually excused after ten minutes to go back to our software release work. I thought that there was a blue moon. I got up and ran out the door before my manager decided to change his mind.

I'm exhausted. Thank goodness it's Friday!

My guy returns home on Saturday. He hasn't enjoyed staying at his hotel. He tends to stay in there and work after he comes from from work. Otherwise, he is sleeping.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Puns and fun

I usually work from home on Wednesdays. For the past month, it hasn't been the case. I have been either receiving or delivering training. I had to be at work.

Yesterday, I finally worked from home. It was nice to have a quiet day to catch up on tasks that have been piling up.

I let my guy know that chatting with him would be perfect. We had a great conversation.
"I'm staying at the Westin. It's horrible. It's not a five-star hotel here. It's more like three," he noted.
"I'm sorry to hear. You know that you like to vent about such things to me," I noted.
"Yes," he paused. "Had I known how bad it is here, I wouldn't have Westin my time and would have stayed somewhere else."
He laughed at his own pun. He's a punny guy. It was nice hearing him crack himself up.
"I tend to laugh at my own puns these days," he remarked.
"You probably have to because there is such awkward silence after you dish out a pun that you need to fill the void with your laughter," I noted.
We both laughed. It's nice that we are both punny and funny.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Being helpful and hinting a spanking

On Saturday, I drove my guy to the airport. It's nice when we hold hands and chat as we headed over there.

I parked by the curbside at the arrivals level.
"I'm going to get a cart. Don't touch any of my luggage," he said to me.
"I'll try not to. It's tough," I replied, which made him smile.
Sure enough, I couldn't resist but to take his computer rolling bag out of my car's trunk. I left his larger piece of luggage alone.

He came over with his cart and looked at me with a playful disappointed look on his face.
"You seem to have a problem within insisting on lifting my stuff out of the car," he said, putting his luggage on the cart.
"It was the smaller item. I was just being helpful," I said.
"I need to do something to you when I get back," he hinted.
"But, I'm your good girl," I replied.
"I need to punish you," he said, hugging me.
"We'll see. I haven't been spanked in a while," I noted.
"We'll change that," he said.
I went to kiss him. He leaned in and we locked lips. I love when we kiss. It's wonderful.