Friday, January 17, 2020

Dating and falling in love

Getting to know someone through texts is going surprisingly well right now. It requires some effort, but it has been pretty enjoyable getting to know each other.

He told me that he is starting to fall in love with me. We have been texting daily for nearly two weeks now. It's nice that we have feelings for each other. He's a decent person and we are taking it slow.

I like not being under any pressure. I like that our conversations evolve naturally. We think of each other often.

It's all about taking it at a comfortable pace. It's good.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Figure it out!

I worked from home on Wednesday. I realize that a number of my colleagues can't figure out things on their own. They simply ask questions and hope that someone like me will hand them these answers on a silver platter.

I am tired of this mentality. I figure out answers on my own. Why can't they do the same thing?

My manager is a part of this group. He can't do work himself. It is that part of management that I don't want to aspire to. I don't want to look or be incompetent.

Anyway, that's my little rant. I'm off to bed, hoping that Thursday will be happier and far more promising.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Being kind at the luggage carousel

Roughly a couple of weeks ago, I flew into Minneapolis airport. I was waiting for my lone piece of luggage at the baggage carousel.

A few feet away from me was an older woman. She saw a red suitcase, and tried to flip it or look at it. It was getting away from her. The luggage was heading in my direction.
"Is that yours?" I asked her.
"I thought it was, but it doesn't have a tag like mine does," she replied.
Moments later, another red suitcase had arrived in front of this woman. She checked and it got away from her.
"How about that one?" I asked her.
"That one is mine," she said. "I'll wait for it."
"I've got it," I said.
I pulled it off the carousel.
"Thank you so much. Bless you," she said.
"You're welcome. It was good timing. Here comes my luggage," I said.
I got my luggage. I wished her a good day. She reciprocated.

It's good to be kind. It's also nice to help others and brighten their day.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Dating again and observations

I'm so rusty with the dating scene. I haven't done it since 2011. I am taking it slow. It has been a learning experience.

The guy that I have been chatting with as of late takes some coaxing to open up. I realize that I am such a natural conversationalist in comparison.

So far, things are clicking. One day at a time. I remind myself and have told him that I'm not in a rush to do anything or to get to some major stage. He respects that. I'm pleased.

Monday, January 13, 2020

Thoughts about dating and double-standards

I was wrong. The guy whom I've been chatting with online as of late resurfaced online. He said that he was out with friends.

I feel like there's such a double-standard already. He put the guilt trip by saying that I am busy with work. Meanwhile, he decided to not respond to anything for an entire day. It didn't exactly bug me that he didn't. We have lives. I just don't like the guilt trip that he did.

The other odd thing about this man and online dating is why does he insist on getting a photo of me. My profile pic is good enough. I don't do selfies. I find them superficial. Why insist? It's not my style and I should not be pressured to take a selfie just to appease someone who doesn't have a clear profile picture of himself to begin with.

I feel like I should stick to being single. Dating is far too complicated and annoying.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Fizzled chat

I think that my recent chat with a potential dating interest has fizzled. I'm oddly not upset by it.

On Friday, he said that I am always busy with work. I pointed out that it could be a potential problem. He took an early retirement. Already, his remark made me feel guilty for not being available for him.

I need to work. There are bills to pay. I am not at the stage for early retirement. Deal with it.

He apologized. I text him while I break at work. It doesn't seem like it's enough.

We have not chatted since I sent him messages on Saturday morning. He has seen my messages. He never responded to any of them.

It's better that we stop now, rather than getting serious and realizing that our career phases are out of sync.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Aging Mac mini

My Mac mini is acting up again. I haven't been able to boot it up for a couple of days. It is a decade old.

Luckily, I have a MacBook Air that still works. Frankly, both device are getting up there in years. I just don't feel like shelling out money to replace the Mac mini. My MacBook Air functions just fine that I still think it has a few years of good use.

I'll probably spend the the weekend troubleshooting. Right now, I need sleep.