Monday, July 13, 2020

Changing my profile photo on Instagram and attracting an interesting demographic

I have probably mentioned this detail in the past, but it is related to what I am about to write.

Back in late December, I changed my profile photo on Instagram. I was on vacation in Minnesota and decided to take a rare selfie, which turned out nicely. 

Well, ever since I changed my profile photo, more men tend to send me direct messages (DMs) on that platform. Sadly, 90% of them started with them saying hi. That was it. There wasn't any mention of why they were contacting me or anything else.

The guy that I was virtually dating for nearly two months was different. He said that he liked my profile and wanted to get to know me. It was a good start, which sparked a conversation. Sadly, this guy didn't take no for an answer and was bad news. I have blocked him on Instagram and on my phone apps.

The other day, I decided to reply to another guy. What intrigued me was his profile. He had both Canadian and American flags as emoji.

He wasn't a good conversationalist. I already knew that I needed to ask him probing, intelligent questions to make him open up.

I don't necessarily enjoy when folks need to say that they are intelligent and handsome right off the bat. Some would say that it's confidence. I actually think it's has the opposite effect. I never mention those qualities when I introduce myself to others. I know that my qualities will shine through and others will see me for who I am. I feel that folks needed to state such qualities aren't as confident as they truly are.

What turned me off was his unnecessary capitalization of words and run-on sentences. He had one huge paragraph about what he wanted in a woman. My eyes glazed over. He needed to break his paragraph down to four smaller ones. I am a writer by trade. I can't see myself being with someone who claims to be educated, but writes like he's in grade 8. To me, it's a huge turnoff.

So, I told him all of these details in a nicer fashion, said that it was me and that and it won't work. I wished him all the best. He proceeded to ask me to answer his questions, to get to know me better. Um, no. What part of "it won't work" isn't clear? I stated that I wouldn't respond to his questions, that it won't work between us, and said goodbye. I then blocked him.

The qualities of these men who have been sending me DMs are as follows:
  • The man is either divorced, separated, or a widow, has a child, and is seeking a partner to both be with and raise said child together
  • He serves the US in some capacity (army, navy, and so on), in construction, or an offshore engineer
  • If not in these fields, he is a medical doctor of some sort
  • The man is American and hasn't looked at my profile to figure out that I'm not
I'm not interested. I would rather have an honest man who can communicate and start a decent conversation. I would like an intelligent, fun, optimistic, loving person in my life. If he would like to spank me, it would be a nice bonus.

Sunday, July 12, 2020


In Toronto, it is mandatory to wear a mask in indoor public areas, such as grocery stores. In my area, this bylaw takes in effect next Friday.

I have eased into wearing a mask, even when we didn't have a bylaw. I find that when I'm in a store that has one-way arrows on the floor to let you know in which direction you should be walking, most folks don't follow them. I'd rather have a mask on in such circumstances.

I own a total of four masks. Three have the same pattern. All four are cotton and have small flowers. I definitely stand out in a crowd. Everyone either has solid black cloth or the blue disposable ones.

For some reason, I can't see myself getting disposable ones. I am good washing my mask and reusing it after every use.

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Thunderstorms mark the start of this weekend

A thunderstorm rolled in last hour. It's ongoing.

It has been a scorcher of a heatwave for over a week. The rain is much needed.

It's supposed to rain for most of Saturday. I will still go out and run my errands. I just hope that there isn't a ton of flooding.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

Friday, July 10, 2020

Shopping and seeing a pool noodle used as a playful spanking tool

On Wednesday, after work, I went grocery shopping. It's what I do on Wednesdays ever since this pandemic occurred.

I bought everything I needed, paid for my items, and carried my groceries in bags out the door. 

There was a couple ahead of me. The female was walking ahead of the male. The guy had a swimming pool noodle. He used it to playfully spank the female. She had hot red yoga capri pants on and a short t-shirt.

They both didn't seem to mind what was going on. I liked watching. I had a nice view, as did the guy. 

They were one cute, happy couple who made my shopping experience much more enjoyable!

Thursday, July 09, 2020

Work laptop issues - ugh!

I have had a couple of issues with my laptop since returning to work. Tuesday consisted of my laptop screen going completely dark. I have a feeling that looking at that screen for a bit caused my eye strain, which I haven't felt in years.

Yesterday, I spent half the day with the IT helpdesk to get me connected to the corporate network. I had a Windows update, which screwed up the corporate connection.

It's enjoyable to be back at work. I need to go back on vacation, where I didn't spend a ton of time looking at a screen and dealing with technology issues. Ah, memories!

Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Back at work and being with oddballs

My first day back at work was busy, but it went well. I got the work that I needed to catch up on completed. I helped troubleshoot an issue that resulted in having three happy people being able to access a site.

It's not a revelation, but the day made me realize how my colleagues in my department are not exactly leaders:
  • The oldest guy on our team talks a lot. He spent twenty minutes talking about an office chair. He also can't figure out how to add a software application on his laptop if his life depended on it.
  • The diva injures herself often. She fell on the weekend and has tore a thigh muscle. She has been away on sick leave for the last two days.
  • My friend can't read for beans. She sent me a screenshot saying that she has the application installed. The message had the exact application name mentioned three times, which wasn't what she had.
More than half the team does not have this application installed. Had I not stepped in, everyone wouldn't have properly ordered this application. I sometimes wonder why I care so much when my colleague seem indifferent. It's because that's who I am. They need a ton of guidance.

Because my intern has moved over to being under the direct supervision of diva, he is now doing all her work while she recovers. I feel for him. However, I have trained him well that I know that he can doing this work with flying colours.

It's such an odd setup on our team. On the plus side, some people are now realizing how much value and skills I bring to this team when I am either away or don't handle these tasks that I once did.

Tuesday, July 07, 2020

End of my vacation and a Starbucks birthday memory

In a few hours, I head back to work. I am working from home till the end of this year.

This staycation has been nice. I have enjoyed being stress-free for over a week. I am relaxed. I am sad to see my vacation end, but it eventually had to.

I will share a nice memory of this vacation. At Starbucks, if you are a part of the rewards program, you get a free beverage or food item on your birthday.

I visit my local Starbucks often, which is roughly twice a week during this pandemic. I am and have been a regular customer for several years.

On my birthday, when I went to pick up my beverage, the barista over the drive-thru speaker wished me a happy birthday. I returned the following day and two baristas wished me a belated birthday.

It was such a sweet gesture. They made me feel special.