Wednesday, December 13, 2017

MonPère - a travel pillow with hands

I was briefly looking at my Facebook feed. I stumbled upon a story about a new travel pillow.

This pillow stood out. Think of Gumby, but without legs. It's a pillow with hands that you can bend to conform to your head, neck, and body.

The product is called MonPère, which translates to my dad in French.

It looks like fun. It coils away.

If I bought it, my guy would probably try spanking me with it and try being hands-on.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

First snowfall

We got our first snowfall this winter on Tuesday. It happened just before 16:00. Yep, just before rush hour begins. How fitting!

A colleague indicated that he was going home early and would work from home. I liked that idea and followed suit, indicating to my team to do the same, if they wanted to. Our manager was at an appointment in the afternoon. Perfect!

It was good that I had left the office early. It took me nearly two hours to get home. On a good day, I can get home in forty minutes.

I'm getting winter tires installed on my car on Wednesday. My timing is a bit off, but it's better a bit late than not at all.

My guy is fortunate to be missing all this snow. However, the first snowfall is always nice to look at.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Thinking about a former manager who has passed on

Over a decade ago, I moved to the States. It was one of those bold leaps of faith. I didn't know anyone. My skills matched a position as a technical writer.

I was a contractor at Big Blue. My mentor was a gentle soul. He was also my manager. He was helpful in making sure that I was okay and was confident in my abilities.

At the beginning, I thought that I was slow at learning everything. He was encouraging, stating that it was the contrary -- that I was a quick learner.

When I look back, I was a decent writer. I made my deadlines either early or on time. I managed to pitch in and help others, often working extra hours to pick up the slack left by others.

I recall working 12-hour days for 12 days. A student had left the company and didn't do a great job on his deliverables. 

A colleague and I were there on the weekend. We were both contractors. Our manager was also there. We chatted around my office. He was grateful that we were there, pitching in.

When I got laid off, my manager waited till around 16:45 that Tuesday. My office door was three-quarters closed. He knocked and let himself in.
"I am sorry that you got laid off," he said sincerely. "It should have been me and not you."
I can still hear his voice telling me that. It was moving. He was nearly sixty years old and was about to retire.
"It's a business decision and I don't take it personally," I tried to comfort him. "I go home to Winnipeg and there's nothing wrong with that at all."
He smiled and seemed at ease. He let me know that he would be arranging my farewell luncheon. He also got a parting gift for me. It was a Java mug. I worked on the Java team. It was fitting, even though I am not a coffee drinker.

He was generous and sweet. I just learned that he had passed away two years ago from Parkinson's Disease. May he rest in peace.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Hugging purple Woolly and waiting for a spanking

I have mentioned that I love my stuffed sheep that my guy bought me earlier this year. He's purple and he name is Woolly.

Woolly makes me smile when I see him. He's huggable and is always smiling. He also has a uniform head, just like my guy.

My guy and I had a chat about Woolly.
"Woolly is such a perfect gift. He makes our time apart more bearable. I cuddle up to him every night," I admitted.
"You're so sweet," my guy remarked. "I wish that I was in bed with you, spanking my bad girl."
Just over a week, he can do just that.

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Saving money thanks to my stable eye prescription

It has been two years since I last got my eye exam. Although I have felt that my nearsightedness hasn't changed, I still needed a new prescription.

Ah, the joys of getting older! Two years ago, my optometrist indicated that my nearsightedness was improving, which meant that I would start seeing changes when I read. Sure enough, it has slightly. I read better with my contact lenses out or my glasses off. Otherwise, wearing my contacts with my reading glasses (it's an extremely low prescription) works just fine.

On Wednesday, I had my eye exam. Typically, it costs me $90, with my health insurance helping to cover that cost. Since I had my eye stroke, my eye exam was considered a followup appointment. As a result, the Ontario health care system picked up the tab instead. Sweet!

My prescription hasn't changed. I get to keep my existing pairs of glasses. Yep, I got two pairs two years ago. There was a deal that essentially got me two pairs for the price of one. I love the cost savings!

Today, I ordered a six-month supply of contact lenses that combine correcting my nearsightedness and reading. I am looking forward to them. I tried them in the past and they were helpful, but that was roughly a year ago. My insurance picks up the tab.

It's nice saving some money. I am thankful.

Friday, December 08, 2017

Sharky, pleasure, and math

It has been a while since I wrote about Sharky, a software development manager with whom I work on various documentation tasks. These days, we have a ton of software releases for existing customers. Naturally, they need release notes and documentation.

Last Friday, we crossed paths. My team was working on a major software release and we had to build our documentation. It's a long story, but it does take some time, even with some tasks being somewhat automated.

He indicated that there would be only one trouble report (it's essentially a bug report in either the software or documentation) to indicate in the release notes. I was good with that.

On Monday, I followed up with him. He had changed his story. There were 21 trouble reports and counting! Okay, being a one-year-old toddler versus a 21-year-old undergraduate student is a huge difference. Why can't he count properly?!

Anyway, this past Monday, he assigned me a trouble report to work on. It was incorrectly dubbed as a documentation issue for our part of the software, when it should go to a different writer. I wrote an e-mail to him to explain things. I indicated that he could reassign it to another writer or I could simply reject the trouble report.
"Cutiebootie, I reassigned the report," he said to me.
"Thanks. I wasn't sure whether you wanted to reassign it or have me reject it, which I enjoy," I said.
"I didn't realize that it gave you pleasure -- that it is pleasurable for you," he said.
Of note, Sharky has a thing for me. My guy and I have discussed various actions that he does or says that supports his attraction. My guy often teased me by saying, "But, Cutiebootie, he lusts after you."

My manager had heard the pleasure and pleasurable references. His eyebrows automatically raised as his eyes got larger. Last year, he went on about how Sharky resembles George Clooney. Although I don't see it, I still tease my manager by saying that Sharky is his boyfriend.

Ah, what fun!

I told my guy about it. Naturally, he takes it in good stride.
"He has good taste in women. Anyone would lust after a cute Chinese girl like you," he admitted.
"You're sweet. He's creepy, though. And, he can't count!"
I don't do well being with someone who can't do simple math. Thank goodness my guy and I are math nerds.

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Yee-haw! Part 2

I work from home on Wednesdays. My guy pinged me on our corporate instant messaging app towards the end of my workday.

We chatted for quite some time.
"Are you in the countryside?" I asked him.
"Nope, I'm in the city," he replied.
"I guess that you won't be saying yee-haw, unless you are cuming," I noted.
We both laughed.