Monday, January 23, 2017

Spank me, please

I drove home on a foggy Saturday night and heard Ray Parker Jr's "Bad Boy" on Sirius XM.

There is a lyric about spanking in this song. Naturally, I'd like my guy to spank me. I'm due.

I wrote about this song a while back. It still holds true. When I look back at the early 80's, this song was rather daring!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Kissing the hand of your loved one

I didn't watch the entire inauguration ceremony of Friday. I was at work, but was likely driving over to a restaurant for lunch. It is now a team event to go every Friday to a restaurant.

My manager created a list of restaurants close by work. He then used a random generator to decide which restaurant appears on the list each week of this year. Yes, it sounds like he has way too much time on his hands. I'm glad he is a foodie, though. I like the idea of bonding with your colleagues. At least we all tend to get along.

Anyway, there was a clip where Melania Trump walked down a set of steps, escorted by a soldier, to stand next to her husband. They locked eyes and smiled at each other.

Immediately after that, Michelle Obama was escorted by another soldier down a set of stairs to stand next to her husband, Barak Obama. He reached over to hold her hand and kiss it. Michelle squeezed the hand of the soldier and thanked him.

I like public affection. The former President's gesture of kissing his wife's hand reminds me of my guy doing the same to me. He does it often. I have always loved when he does that. Sometimes, he'll kiss both my hands.

I miss my guy. He is on his way home.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Relating to folks and missing my guy

I seem to be able to relate to others well. Age isn't a barrier.

With my manager, who is roughly fifteen years older than I am, we get along well. He tried to reference the tagline at the end of old Batman TV episodes. I had to correct him. Same bat time. Same bat channel.

As a child, I watched quite a bit of TV. I remember old commercials and shows. I mainly watched Sesame Street and game shows.

I can also relate to popular songs from the 60's and 70's, mainly because I grew up listening to all music that my mom and dad loved.

Then, there are my two co-op students who are nearly twenty years old. I am perfectly fine with talking about university, music, musicals, and movies with them. I fit in. I never feel out of place.

I am fortunate enough to get along with practically most people. I can't explain why, but I am glad that I do and can.

My guy has been away for nearly two weeks. I miss him, but he's coming home soon. It seems like an eternity.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Watch-syncing issues with steps and my trusty Fitbit One

I bought a Pebble Time Round watch last year in May. I love the watch. It's functional and pretty.

Unfortunately, the app that I use to sync my steps from this watch is flaky. I suspect that the app isn't supported anymore because Fitbit bought Pebble.

It's funny that I had to go back to my trusty Fitbit One device to be able to track my steps accurately. I'm glad that I can.

Of course, many phones track your steps. The problem is that I do not carry my phone wherever I go, so it is of little use to me.

I love my watch, though. I now have both my Fitbit One and my Pebble Time Round on the same wrist. I don't like the clip that comes with the Fitbit One. I have broken quite a number of them that I prefer having a bracelet band instead.

Ah, the joys of technology both failing and being sturdy.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Yelp and sex toys

I like Yelp out of all social media out there. I enjoy photography. I take photos of food, to remember what I have eaten. I write for a living. And, I love to travel. It's the perfect social medium for me.

I decided to do a search for spanking in Yelp. When I was typing the word as my search criterion, the app automatically indicates spanking/masssage. That's interesting...

There is a sex shop that intrigued me in the search results. Come As You Are Co-operative has some interesting sex toys. There are restraints that are vegan. I didn't realize that they existed. I also like all the selection of coloured rope.

I tend to get my various pleasure toys and more from There is a lot of selection, especially with paddles and dildos. There are always sales and the company ships your goodies in a discreet box.

Perhaps it's time to look at new toys. Yay!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Writing about taking his car for a drive soon

My guy and I have been exchanging e-mails while he is away in Cairo. I decided to write to him first.

He likes naming each car that he owns. I do, too. His car's name is Cookie.
There is a car at work that says she's Cookie. She's good. Cookie is lonely and said that I can keep her company by taking her for a spin in the near future. =)
My guy wrote back to me last night. Here is an excerpt:
Don't listen to Cookie. She doesn't know what she's saying!!
I like teasing him about driving his car. It's enjoyable.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

It's good to be nice

I have been told that I am a nice person. You hear the old adage that nice folks always finish last. There are times when I feel like that's the case, especially when people on my team cannot handle their workload and I end up having to do their work. It is completely unfair.

However, there are moments when folks surprise me. I had several of those on Monday.

To backtrack, an extraordinary event took place. In the past, I could never get any of my co-op students to get proper access to do their timesheets electronically. It would take weeks, simply because those people at work who are responsible to give proper access privileges to new co-op students drop the ball.

Guess what? I managed to get both students to complete their timesheets by Wednesday. Yep, the had access less than three days into their stay with the company.

My manager came up to me, oddly, on Friday the 13th, while I was cutting birthday cake to celebrate special days for a couple of colleagues, including one of my students.
"What did you do to give them access?" he asked me.
"I contacted the Finance department and submitted a request to fix their workcentre code," I replied.
"I was surprised that they had completed their timesheets for this week," he replied.
"You shouldn't be. I finished my timesheet on Monday. You know that they will complete theirs early, too."
It's true. Every student that I have had so far has never been late submitting their timesheet.

On Monday morning, I had a busy start. I had to talk to the contractor, get RAM installed for my laptop, and complete various requests. I managed to talk to both co-op students, to tell them that we'd meet in ten minutes. I then stopped by my manager's desk to ask whether he got RAM installed for his laptop. He did.
"I got you these," he replied, handing over a large bag of shelled, dry-roasted peanuts.
"Awesome! Thanks so much. You made my day," I replied, which was true.
"You're welcome. They come like that, without any labelling, which should not be the case," he replied.
"Well, thanks for the contraband peanuts. I will enjoy them," I replied.
Then, my students surprised me when it came to how quickly they pick up concepts.

The contractor had edited a couple of guides in the past. One had a couple of issues, which were pointed out to her by another writer over a month ago. I tasked her to fix them, which would have been a fairly quick update. She never got around to it, so I decided to offload it to the co-op students.

The update involved fixing a missed letter in a word, adding the chapter number and date, converting the Word document to a PDF, uploading the document to a network drive, and creating a new documentation build.

I showed them what steps they needed to do. One of the writers followed along and actually completed the task as I showed her. I was impressed. I told her so.

The other one managed to update our helpful how-to instructions on fixing timesheet issues. Again, I was impressed.

I have forgotten how wonderful it is to work with bright students who absorb information fast and are eager to work. It's a nice change.