Friday, December 09, 2016

Fixing more issues with my cell phone plan and having my photos credited on Facebook by one of my favourite music bands

A follow-up post about ironing out my cell phone plan issues. My sales rep wrote an e-mail on Thursday night, claiming that she had fixed everything. It appeared that way until I analyzed my plan's details carefully.

I was supposed to get a $10 per month discount on my plan. She managed to reimburse me for the last two months and add it to my plan going forward. However, to get this discount required moving my account from a business one to a residential one. Okay, no big deal.

What she did instead was create two accounts for me. One was a temporary one (why, I haven't got a clue) and the other was my new one. I get a corporate discount. Apparently, she applied this discount to the temporary one and not my actual account. I didn't figure this detail out until I spoke with a representative over the phone.

She also failed to give me Canada-wide long-distance calls on my plan yet again. So, this issue alone prompted me to call to have it slapped on. 

The service representative did a fantastic job fixing everything. I was impressed. I am a happy camper. My cell phone provider also increased my data limit each month. I have a ridiculous 7 GB each month. I don't know what I am going to stream away from home now!

On a wonderful note, one of my favourite music duos included two of my photos taken at their show in Toronto on the band's Facebook page. I am over the moon and about to faint!

Thursday, December 08, 2016

Fifty Shades Darker - official second trailer

A longer official trailer was released yesterday for Fifty Shades Darker. I cannot wait!

The restaurant scene in the trailer of Anastasia removing her panties discreetly and then Christian playing with her in the elevator is arousing to me. I also like the playing pool scene. It's the part where Christian and Ana wager on what happens to the loser. Naturally, no one really loses. Ana is bent over the pool table for a spanking, followed by having sex on the pool table.

You see Christian changing as a person. He is more open to being touched on the chest and face, as he is getting over the physical abuse that he experiences as a young boy. He's trying to be more romantic and win Ana's heart, so my guy should like this movie more and whine less.

And, of course, I'm interested to see the shower scene. My guy and I can identify with many of these scenarios!

I wish that February were already here.

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Fixing things to make things right and having them run smoothly

It would be nice if things ran smoothly all the time. Sometimes, they do. Other times, they go horribly wrong.

As you know, I changed cell phone providers in late October. Last month, I noticed a number of issues with my first bill:

  • I had asked for unlimited Canada-wide long-distance calling. It wasn't applied to my plan. As a result, my talking to my guy over the phone for a month racked up $31 worth of charges.
  • I was promised a $10 per month discount on my monthly rate. It never got applied either.
So, I called the company on a Sunday. I spoke to a guy who was helpful on the whole. 

He was great to reimburse me for the long-distance charges and added unlimited Canada-wide calling to my plan. My guy and I are roughly a two-hour drive away from each other, so it makes sense to have unlimited calling since we chat a lot.

I was advised that the second point could be fixed if I switch from being a business customer to a residential one. I have a corporate discount, which is why I ended up being a business customer. Still, it's ridiculous to transfer my account over simply for a discount.

I told my guy about the whole situation. He was annoyed. He has also dealt with similar issues when he changed to his corporate account. He's used to it, unfortunately.

Last week, I contacted my sales rep. She advised that she was driving. She asked that I call her. I was about to have lunch, so I didn't.

I remembered to call her today. She checked. Sure enough, the discount was not applied. She is having that slapped on. I will also get reimbursed for the previous month.

And then, there's work.

Whenever we have a software release, our user guides need to be uploaded to a special repository for folks to access at any time. In the past, three of us would upload each guide one at a time. The work was not difficult. Rather, it was extremely time-consuming.

This past weekend, I tried a new tool that allows you to upload all guides at once. The catch is to load the details correctly. You then press a few buttons and everything runs smoothly.

I triple-checked my information. On Monday, I uploaded all 117 user guides. No errors! 

My colleague then kicked off another build to order the documents in our repository. In less than a day, we were done.

I told him that it was the most stress-free upload that we have ever worked on. He commended the fact that I was meticulous with all details, which helped. Everything ran perfectly.

It was a good day. Let's hope for more of them.

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Playful chat on being a good girl

Texting on Skype is a lot of fun with my guy (MG).
Me: I'm being good
MG: Oh, no. Don't start with this again.
Me: I'm a goodie girl
MG: I had an indisputable confession from you
Me: In a goodie wo-o-rld
MG: No, no, no
Me: No, that doesn't count
MG: Of course, it does
Me: Nooo
MG: Yessss
Me: Noooo * infinity
Me: I win. Yay!
MG: Yessss infinity and beyond
MG: I win yay!
Me: Yes, Buzz
Me: Noooo
Me: Me win first!
MG: We'll see
Me: Okay, says this good girl
MG: Bad, very bad
Me: Nooooo. Good girl forever!
MG: Nope
Me: Oh, well. Just need to continue convincing you
MG: Won't work
It's fun acting like little kids. Playfulness is always encouraged, especially when we are kilometres apart.

Monday, December 05, 2016

Affection, lounge hours, and Skype chats

I can always tell when my guy misses me. It all started before he left for his flight.

On Friday, after we had had lunch and some quality time, he reached for my hand and held it. I tend to be the one these days who will reach for his hand and beat him to the punch, simply because it's who I am. He reached for my hand when we were outside in gusty conditions and he wished me a safe drive home. I wished him safe travels.

When we had lunch that day, we had this conversation:
"I have two stops before I reach my destination," he remarked.
"I hope that you have time to hit a lounge, since you have reached elite status," I replied.
"I'm not sure whether that fancy lounge that we've been to will be open by the time I'm there. I am taking a redeye," he responded.
"I'm pretty sure that it's a 24-hour lounge," I replied.
I wasn't expecting him to call me just before his final flight. He did.
"Hey, the lounge was open and it was busy," he replied.
"See, I told you. Did you believe me? Nooo!" I teased.
"Yes, you were right. I had two bottles of my favourite yogurt drink," he said contently.
"That's good. There should be less whining on the plane," I remarked.
"I just had to share that with you," he told me.
"And, I have no yummy food," I teased.
"You never know. Maybe you'll be back there with me," he replied.
"I hope so. I don't have elite status!"
We actually texted on Skype till he had to put his phone away. It's always a sign that he misses me -- that he wants to talk to me as long as he can. The feeling is always mutual. It also feels good to be missed.

Sunday, December 04, 2016

Love our lurkers (LOL) day - my spanking

For love our lurkers (LOL) day, I asked fellow readers to leave me comments. Each comment would lead to two smacks across my bare bottom, administered by my guy.

Well, after a revision, I went with a total of 34 smacks, and multiplied it by four:
  • 34 smacks with a wooden hairbrush
  • 34 slaps with a purple acrylic ruler
  • 34 whacks with a leather paddle
  • 34 spanks of my guy's choosing
Some details about the implements:
  • My wooden hairbrush is a rectangular paddle brush, so it covers quite the surface area
  • My purple acrylic ruler is one of my favourite spanking implements, which is always in my car's glove compartment
  • I have two leather paddles, but my guy chose the larger one where one has leather on one side, and fuzzy soft purple material on the other
  • As expected, my guy chose to use his bare hand to spank me
As crazy as this statement may sound, getting 136 smacks + more across your backside isn't that bad. That's not to say that my pert posterior isn't sore right now. Perhaps it's because we have fun banter as he spanks me that I don't notice how sore I am until well after the spanking is over.

We got into my car's backseat after lunch on Friday. I presented the spanking implements to him.
"Do you have a preference as to which one you'd like me to use?" my guy asked me.
"Not really. I would like you to spank me with your hand last, though," I replied.
I find that an open-hand spanking to hurt more. It's also the most intimate spanking to me. He was good with using his hand last.

My guy signalled me to go over his lap. I playfully protested, which caused him to give me a few swats as I finally got pulled over his knee. He took down my jeans and panties. He caressed my backside and told me that he has been looking forward to spanking me, especially before he flies off on business.

The unpredictability of whether he is going to spank me with the soft part of the paddle or the leather paddle added to the surprise. Naturally, a bad girl would prefer to have the former. My guy alternated between spanking me hard with the leather side and lightly with the fuzzy side. When the leather side landed, the sound was loud and sometimes shocked me when the hard slap came down. He teased me by rubbing the paddle across either buttock from time to time and quickly giving me a few smacks in succession.

My guy then used the purple ruler. He playfully scolded me for being his bad girl while slapping me with it. Some slaps came fast and in one spot. 
"That hurts!" I told him, trying to protect my bare butt with my hand.
"You are such a naughty girl. Move your hand," he sternly stated, tapping my hand with the ruler.
"No!" I replied defiantly.
My guy held my hand behind my back and used his free hand to continue slapping my bottom with the ruler. Because I was disobedient, he gave me ten extra slaps as punishment.

He then went to using the wooden hairbrush. He has never spanked me with one before. The last time I got a spanking with a wooden hairbrush was over a decade ago. It was exciting! 

My guy changed it around by being methodical about spanking each buttock with the same intensity. He changed the location while telling me that my butt was getting red. I knew that it was. I could feel the soreness set in, but I loved how it felt.

Finally, he caressed my sore backside.
"Are you going to admit that you're a very bad girl?" he asked me rhetorically.
"I've told you a ton of times that I am always good," I replied.
"That's not true. I already got a confession from you and now you are telling me a lie?" he asked me.
"No, it's the truth," I insisted.
My guy didn't like that. He spanked me hard with his hand. I loved every smack, even though my butt was warm and achy.
"Are you going to admit that you're a very bad girl now?" he asked me after my 34th smack with his hand.
"Yes," I replied.
"Good," he said, rubbing my backside for a while. "Your butt gets cuter when it has been spanked long and hard."
He helped me up. I sat next to him. He held me in his arms and kissed my forehead.
"You can certainly take a good, long spanking. I always knew that you could," he said to me tenderly.
"Thanks for being such a good spanker and my Mr Meanie," I replied.
He hugged me harder.

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Change of plans and a suggestion to drive his car

My guy called me just after 13:00 on Friday. Now and again, he has to change our plans.
"Can we eat at the closer Chinese restaurant?" my guy asked me.
"Sure," I replied.
"I can meet you there," he stated.
"I thought that you would be parking at the office, and I'd drive us to the restaurant, followed by the airport?" I asked.
"I have a lot of bags. I don't think your car can store everything, so I will take a taxi and expense it," he replied.
I could have been disappointed about not saying goodbye to my guy at the airport, but I had a suggestion.
"I can drive you to the airport and drive your car," I said in a teasing manner.
Pure silence. Moments later, my guy could talk again.
"Um, thanks for the offer. But, I will take a taxi," he said.
We both laughed. Give me time and I will wear him down.