Saturday, August 12, 2017

Lovetaps and smacks

After giving my guy a handjob while resting my head on his bare thigh, we rested in the same positions. I was lying on my left side after being fingers by him on the other end.

We chatted after sex. My guy started to lightly smack my bare butt, alternating between butt cheeks.
"Changing positions makes me think that it was a bad idea," I playfully said to him.
"No, it's a great idea," he said, giving me another smack.
"Bad idea," I replied.
"Excellent idea," he confirmed, smacking me yet again.
"Such a role reversal!" I exclaimed, with him punctuating my sentence with another smack.
The slaps continued as we continued to chat.
"Are you going to stop?" I asked him curiously.
"I don't want to. I love your butt," he said, giving me another smack.
"At this rate, I am going to be sore," I replied.
"Good. You're my bad girl," he said, giving me several light lovetaps.
He caressed the top part of my hip. He loves how smooth my skin is in this area. I love that he loves all of me.

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