Sunday, August 20, 2017

Wearing yoga pants with no panties

The other day, I was at the post office to pick up a few parcels. There was a bit of a lineup.

In front of me was a woman who was wearing athletic yoga pants. They had a zebra pattern, except that it was more grey and white. She also had sneakers that you simply slide your feet into them.

She was jiggling her leg such that her butt was giggling with her. I couldn't help but to notice everything moving. 

I'm not big on anyone shaking their foot or leg when they are sitting down, let alone standing up. Somehow, it feels like a minor earthquake is happening.

I do like looking at butts. I always have. Male or female, I'll look! She did not have any underwear on. It made me think whether yoga pants have some sort of gusset these days. They certainly don't support jiggling.

As you can tell, I don't own a pair of yoga pants. I like wearing shorts or leggings when I work out.

I wonder whether my guy would like the idea of my wearing no underwear with yoga pants. I'll need to ask him what his thoughts are.


  1. i like looking at butts too - some more than others. I'm sure he would appreciate no underwear under ANYTHING, not just yoga pants!

    1. So true! My guy likes both. He likes guessing whether I have panties underneath whatever I am wearing. The thought gets him aroused!