Tuesday, August 08, 2017

A freshly shaved head and hotel sex

When I first saw my guy at the hotel room, I couldn't help but to caress his head.
"It's so smooth and nice," I said.
"It's freshly shaved just for you. I did it thirty minutes ago," he replied.
"It's nice and sexy, just like you," I noted.
He smiled. He noted that my room smelled like nail polish. I explained that I had to touch up my nail polish. He looked at my purple polish and liked it.

He also liked my short skirt. I also had a blue and white striped t-shirt. My guy decided to undress.
"Are those new pants?" I asked him.
"It's a long story, but I got them in Frankfurt," he pointed out.
"Ah, probably when you had to stay an extra night," I recalled as he nodded.
"Take off your skirt," he said.
I didn't exactly have a chance to do it myself. He took off both my skirt and panties. He went ahead and attempted to undo my bra. He took a quick peek.
"You're wearing the black bra. I want to see it on you," he said, taking my t-shirt off.
He played with my bra straps, pulling them down. He liked the look.

We cuddled for a bit. He kissed my neck and back, which was nice. I caressed his chest. We then kissed.

We moved down the bed and stretched out. Our legs were intertwined. We hugged and kissed. I groped his butt. He groped my breast.

He got on top of me and we had a passionate, loving experience. We both came. We relaxed for a bit.
"We can't do that in the treehouse," he said, smiling.
"That's true. King-sized beds are roomy," I replied.
It was a good start to our staycation together.


  1. That was a very sexy start. Happy for you. More details, please! :)

    1. There's more to come, because we came a lot. =)