Thursday, August 03, 2017

Fraudulent credit card charges

I was working from home on Wednesday. I received an e-mail from the credit card company that issued my corporate credit card. It has an early credit fraud department. Just having that alone impressed me.

I continued reading the e-mail. There were four transactions that occurred rapidly on my card. The credit card company indicated that they were suspicious.

After analyzing them, these transactions were not made my me. In the e-mail, there was a button to click if at least one of these transactions were fraudulent. I did just that, which automatically froze my credit card from any new transactions.

The first three transactions were peanuts. They were flagged as being transactions done in Virginia, in different towns. The first one was just under $1. It made me believe that it was a test to see if my credit card was valid. The next charge was under $8, followed by one registering $13.

The last charge was the largest. It was for over $2,100. I didn't recognize the location.

I gave my credit card company a call. It's US-based. When the automated voice asked to confirm my identity, I pressed the 1 button on my phone. The call disconnected. I did this a couple of times more. The same thing happened.

Instead, I called the number on the back of my credit card, which automatically forwarded me to the early fraud department. I do like this credit card company. All four transactions were immediately declined. I had a helpful woman tell me what steps were going to happen.

It turns out that the over $2,100 transaction was for liquor in Vietnam. First, that's a ton of liquor! Second, if I wanted a booze fix, I would got to the local LCBO store and get me a bottle of whatever I wanted. The woman on the other end laughed.

Anyway, my corporate card has been closed. A new one is coming to me. More importantly, I am not liable for any of these fraudulent charges.

Peace of mind is wonderful.

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