Wednesday, August 30, 2017

GirlyGoGarter and horniness

I was looking at my Instagram feed and noticed that someone had posted a photo of what looked like a garter around her thigh. I'm glad that I stopped and took some time to investigate what I was looking at.

I was indeed looking at a lacy black garter. It's called GirlyGoGarter. It is essentially a garter with pockets. Instead of carrying a small purse, you can put your money, cell phone, keys, lip gloss,... whatever you can think of, in this garter. The only catch is that it holds up to three pounds of goods.

It's brilliant! I actually want to order it in purple. It didn't surprise my guy.
"I am thinking about getting it in purple," I hinted.
"Sounds good. If it works well, I'd love to see you with the black one on. I'd buy it for you," he admitted.
"Are you getting turned on?" I asked him.
"I am. You'd look good in a garter. It could hold our condoms and lube, too," he noted.
He's practical and horny. It's a nice combination.

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