Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Cell phone restored from water damage

This post is a mild segue from my intended spanking experience that happened last Saturday.

A cell phone owner's worst nightmare finally happened to me. I dropped my cell phone in water.

The good news is that I quickly retrieved, cleaned, and dried my iPhone off. Everything seemed to function. Well, that's what I thought.

I could still use my phone as I normally would. I listened to podcasts through bluetooth in my car. I could plug in my earbuds and listen to music. E-mail and browsing was fine.

I woke up on Tuesday and didn't hear my phone's alarm. I woke up to my trusty alarm on my ancient iPod touch. I have had this iPod touch for probably nine years. It doesn't die and it works well as an alarm clock.

My morning wake-up routine consists of streaming music. I heard nothing. I tried playing songs on my phone. Nothing. My speakers were dead on my phone.

When a colleague over a year ago had dropped her phone into the toilet at work, I told her to stick it in a bag of rice. She did that and her phone was saved. I decided to do the same to see if my speakers would come back to life. I also read online that sticking a Q-tip in the earphone part and moving it around will soak up some of the water.

I stuck my phone in a bag of rice at 07:30. I retrieved my phone at 22:00. I used a Q-tip on my phone's earphone area and then powered on my iPhone. Guess what? My speakers work again!

Earlier in the day, my guy and I had a lunch date. I told him about my dropping my phone in the sink. He said that it's normal and that I did everything correctly.

I am geeky in the sense that I own two phones. Obviously, I use my iPhone. I also have a BlackBerry Passport. I love both of my phones for different reasons.

My guy admired that I chose two completely different phones running different operating systems. They look completely different and function differently. He also liked that I can switch seamlessly between the two.

He's sweet for loving a naughty geeky girl.


  1. Wow happy you were able to recover everything. I've been lucky enough, knock on wood, to not drop my phone in water. I have dropped other electronics in water and immediately take them apart and stick them in rice.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Good for you, Cat! I thought that I would be in the same boat as you. There goes my streak! Rice is amazing.