Saturday, August 19, 2017

Bowling, lunch, beer, and puns

The workweek is finally over. Yay!

It has been an interesting, busy week. I was supposed to interview a candidate for a student internship position. He stood my manager and me up. It turns out that he thought the interview was for next Thursday. Yes, he thought it was a week later.

On a good note, I had fun going to a team bowling event on Thursday, having lunch with the same group on Friday, and grabbing a beer with my manager after work to end the workweek. Everything seems to have balanced out.

As for my guy, he recently entered a contest to win a Ford Mustang. My guy is punny. I decided to tease him with his pun.
"How come Yukon not win a GMC?!" I asked him.
"You're cute," he said, smiling at me.
We are a punny couple, which helps.

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