Friday, August 11, 2017

Kisses and boob squeezes

My guy had to run an errand this past weekend. He said bye to me for a bit. He kissed both sides of my face, which I enjoy.
"I love when you smile at me," I said, with my hands on each side of his face.
"I love when you smile back at me," he replied.
We kissed. He then helped himself to both boobs and gave them a light squeeze.
"Hey, that's new. Is that going to be the norm?" I asked him, demonstrating on his not-so-well-endowed breasts.
"Yes," he smiled, repeating the squeeze procedure.
My black lacy bra has a bit of a push-up factor. It's a light support bra. He likes my breasts, especially when I wear this bra.

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