Saturday, August 26, 2017

One of my student's last day - get Cutiebootie to kill you!

Friday was quite the day at work. I have three students this work term. It was the last day for one of them.

My manager is away on business all next week. As a result, we had a farewell lunch for all of them on Friday.

They chose a sushi place. It also serves ramen. I went with the chicken ramen and some beef gyoza. The food was yummy. This restaurant is in an industrial area. It is odd, but it works.

All three of my students compiled a number of fun tidbits, photos, quotations, and more that they came across during their time with the company. It was thoughtful and hilarious.

One of my favourite mentions was an instant messaging response from one of them:
Get Cutiebootie to kill you
It makes more sense if I provide some context. I don't kill people for a living!

We have an authoring tool. Sometimes, if you end up being stuck in it, I have the authority to kick you out of the system when you can't log out successfully on your own. To stop a process is killing it on Unix or Linux.

Before she left, my student gave me a box of chocolates. She advised that it's a family tradition to give chocolates as a parting gift. She is so thoughtful. The box was also in purple, which matched her top that she was wearing and happens to be my favourite colour.

It's nice to know that what I do at work means something and that folks appreciate what I do. She is off to study in Ireland for the next semester. She'll be fine.

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