Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Solar eclipse and full moon

I thought that I would miss the solar eclipse on Monday. After all, I was at work when it happened.

I went to the lunchroom to fill my cup with hot tea. I saw five guys try and take photos from the window. They didn't have any special eclipse glasses on. Yikes!

My colleague let me know that there were folks downstairs who were happy to share their safe cardboard glasses with folks. She's sweet. We went down together, along with my manager and another one.

Sure enough, Sharky, who lusts after me, according to my guy, told us that the IT guy would share his glasses with us. I am fortunate to have a decent working relationship with him. Sure enough, he shared his glasses with me.

I put them on. Everything was black in my view, except for the cool, orange crescent moon. Whoa! I was impressed.

Naturally, on Twitter, I came across this gem:

I love the Fifty Shades movie series. I love this play on words from Fifty Shades of Grey. I couldn't help but laugh. Hard!

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