Friday, July 21, 2017

Nail polish

I have been working with three students since May. The longest-serving one has been with me since January of this year.

The building management at work had a barbeque lunch for us on Thursday. I went with my students to fetch some food. It was good. I got a beef sandwich with greens, a corn and bean salad, a Diet Pepsi, and a fudge popsicle.

I had lunch with them, which I don't often do on a Thursday. It was good.

We all had manicures. We all had different colours of polish. My three students looked at my nails and thought that I went to the salon every week.

I give myself a manicure every Sunday. I have only been to a salon once this year, if I am not mistaken. They felt that my polish looked professionally done. It was a nice compliment.

My guy loves my nails. Perhaps I don't notice how much I take care of my nails. I'm glad that I do.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Incompetent co-workers are everywhere!

It has been a busy week. My team of students and I had to work on a software release. We got our work done on time, with quality and accuracy, and planned it as far in advance as possible.

There were some hiccups. The main one was with a project manager. She used to be a software build programmer. She was supposed to train her predecessor. She failed.

It was the perfect storm. Her predecessor decided to take a week of vacation during a major software release. If I ever did that, my manager would not be impressed!

Her backup knew absolutely nothing. To make a long story short, our deliverables needed a couple of changes to two build scripts. It was a simple update for the project manager in the past. The backup build person had no clue what to do. The person who went on vacation had to come back and also had no clue how to update these scripts.

All of us asked the project manager to help out. She didn't. I don't get it. Sure, you have moved on to a different role. However, not helping folks who do not have the knowledge to edit build scripts caused even more issues.

This project manager had the audacity to tell me in an e-mail on Wednesday to send a couple of document links to someone. She even copied my manager. I looked at her responsibilities checklist that she had attached. This task was for her to do. I also have never dealt with this person.

What did I do? I sent her the links, copied my manager on my response, and restated her statement to send them to this person.

It is obvious that she can't do her job well. I am not doing it for her. I have plenty of other things to deal with. Moreover, if she can't answer any my questions, I do not owe her any favours in doing her work.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Spying and spanking

My guy and I have fun conversations.
"I saw you on the conference call this morning," he said to me.
"How come you didn't message me and say hi? Were you spying on me?" I teased.
"No, I would never spy on you. You need a good spanking for calling me a spy," he reasoned.
It's fun being good at being his bad girl.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Ha-penis and do-penis after sex

After sex, my guy and I end up having dopey conversations. We simply do.

On Thursday evening, I had just given my guy a handjob. We had cleaned up and were cuddling.
"You bring me a lot of ha-penis," I said, smiling at him while pointing at his member.
"That's clever and funny!" my guy said, with both of us laughing a lot.
Moments later, it was my guy's turn.
"How come my head hits the roof of your car?" he asked me, looking adorably like a lost little boy.
It's funny how he just sat at the edge of the seat, with his head touching the roof. He asked me why and just kept his head there.

Ah, good do-penis times!

Monday, July 17, 2017

No bra under my t-shirt makes my guy happy

A couple of weeks ago, my guy got turned on by a photo of me in shorts, showing my bare legs. I sometimes forget how turned on he gets. It doesn't take much. He simply loves who I am.

Last week, we were in the treehouse. I could tell all day that he wanted to play with my breasts. I was wearing a pink t-shirt with a scoop neckline.
"Take your bra off. I want to play with your breasts under your shirt," he said, highly aroused.
"Okay," I said.
I unfastened all bra hooks at the back. Moments later, with a bit of help from my guy (he likes to assist, being the polite person that he is), we took my bra off without having me take off my t-shirt.

He played with my breasts that were still under my t-shirt. We both enjoyed the sensation.

I then played with his hard cock in his khaki pants. He loved how my lilac polish looked on my nails as I stroked his erect member.

Eventually, we took his erect penis out of his pants and I gave him a handjob. It was good. My guy said that he loves me, as if it were a mantra.

He came. We saw cum. We did well.

We cleaned up and cuddled afterwards.

I would say that roughly forty minutes later, I put my bra back on. He whistled at me. He's a fun, sweet person.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Treehouse time, a spanking, and kisses

Last Thursday, my guy asked me whether we could have some quality time together. I was game.

My guy had parked next to my car in the lot at work. We decided to take my car over to our usual parking spot. We would then go to our regular restaurant for dinner.

It was nice placing my hand on my guy's left thigh as I drove us over to our regular parking lot. I parked and we go into the backseat. We haven't had treehouse time in my car for a while.

We cuddled for a bit. We kissed and hugged a lot. It was great.

He immediately pulled down my black jeggings and panties. He proceed to pleasure me. It has been such a long time that I came hard. I was lethargic immediately.

He hugged me and was sweet letting me rest for a bit. We chatted. He then started lightly spanking my bare backside.
"I need to spank you," he stated.
"Right now?" I asked him.
"Yes," he replied.
"Oh, no. I'm dopey, though," I replied.
It didn't matter to him. I went over his lap. It was a bare-bottomed spanking right off the bat.

He spanked me fairly hard. It wasn't has hard as it has been in the past, but there was a good sting. He was more interested in pleasuring me, teasing me, spanking me, and finally pleasuring me until I reached orgasm. All of it was nice. I wanted it so badly.

He kissed my left buttock afterwards.
"Hey, did you kiss my butt?" I asked him.
"Yes," he replied lovingly.
"I love when you kiss my butt," I confirmed.
He kissed my right buttock. He's sweet.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

I'm a sweet, awesome girl who continues to be spanked

My guy and I had this fun exchange on Thursday.
"I'm a good girl," I told him.
"Yes, you are a good, sweet girl," he replied.
"Are you feeling okay?" I asked him, feeling his temperature by placing my hand on his forehead.
"I'm fine," he said, smiling.
"But, you always say that I'm bad," I replied.
"You're a awesome, good girl. I just say that you're bad so that I can spank and punish you," he admitted.
It's nice that he calls me his good girl. He continues to spank me, which I love, too.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Kisses, hugs, gropes, and smacks during a surprise visit

My guy likes to surprise me now and again.
"Hey," he said in a text message.
"Hey... you're lost?!" I asked him.
"Not yet," he replied with a smiley. "I'm in the office. I just got here."
"What brings you in?" I asked him, as it was 4:48 pm.
"I am trying to talk to a software developer. Did you want to drop by?" I asked him.
"Sure," I replied.
My guy gave me the room number that he was in. I walked over. I caressed his head. He groped my left buttock and ran his hand down the back of my left thigh.

I kissed his head and caressed his back. He played with my crotch.

I sat down and we talked. I teased him and he gave me a playful smack across the upper part of my left buttock, which I enjoyed.

He looked at my cleavage. I was wearing a pink scoop-neck t-shirt. He reached in and helped himself to fondling my breasts. I helped myself to caressing his hard cock in his new khakis.

My guy had to briefly step out to make a phone call. He came back and kissed my neck from behind while hugging me.

We obviously had missed each other. Considering how hectic this week has been at work, his appearance at the office made my week much better!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Reminiscing about my eyesight these days

I have been nearsighted since I was sixteen years old. The nice part about my nearsightedness is that it has never been a horrible prescription.

For a few years after getting my first pair of glasses, I could still get away with not wearing my glasses all the time. It wasn't until I got my first pair of contact lenses towards the end of my undergraduate years that I embraced my prescription.

I have been working from home these past couple of days. On Wednesday, I did a quick outing. I hopped in my car and drove off.

It wasn't until I was at the stop sign at the end of my street that I realized that I wasn't wearing my contact lenses. I was letting my eyeballs breathe. I didn't have my glasses with me, either. Yet, my sight was pretty good. I continued to drive to run my errand and was fine.

My right eye has gone through an eye stroke back in March. It's amazing how far I have come. My eyesight these days reminds me of being sixteen years old again. It's neat. I am just glad that I'm not that age!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Being compassionate is positive

I am fortunate to have three students this term. One of them, before she started her internship, had indicated that she needed surgery in July.

She had her surgery last Wednesday. She stayed in the hospital for a couple of days and has been discharged. She is resting comfortably at home.

I am a sensitive person when it comes to such matters. When my manager injured his eye, I got everyone on the team to chip in for a fruit bouquet. When another writer on my team got injured in a car accident, I ordered a flower and food basket while I was in Montreal training writers over there on behalf of our team.

With my other two students, I made the suggestion to send her a get-well gift. They liked the idea.

As expected, the one student who started in May took the initiative to look up floral gifts and even order it! The other one, who has worked with me the longest, is the youngest, and doesn't exhibit as much initiative, seems to be more comfortable with these two students than the last one that she was with. I am glad, because the other two are slightly older and are mature beyond their years.

We all corresponded back and forth about the floral gift, how to expense it, what to write, and so on. It was a good exercise in being caring human beings.

They will do just fine in this world.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Ladybug luck

I was hungry. I was caught in rush-hour traffic. I had worked up an appetite and went through a fast-through drive-in to grab a quick bite to eat.

It was strange that, after placing my order, I was asked to drive around and come back. I looked behind me and there wasn't a car. However, after doing a lap around the restaurant, there was a car in front of me. It was odd to me. If my order wasn't ready, why not have me park in front of the restaurant and have someone hand me my food?

Anyway, I got my food and parked my car. With my car windows down, I ate.

Moments later, a ladybug landed on my lap. I wish that I had taken a photo, but I didn't have a chance. It stayed on me for five seconds and then left.

They say that ladybugs bring luck to you when they come visit you. I hope that this superstition is true. The bright red visitor made my day.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Show plans and progress

I have spent this weekend doing a bit of work. To make a long story short, I worked a couple of hours on Saturday. It's the perfect time to do this specific work, as no one else has any files open. If they did, I wouldn't be able to do what I needed to do.

I will leave work early on Friday to compensate. It's the perfect plan, for I am going to a show with my former student who is now a friend. She recently got her full driver's licence and is a bit nervous about driving to the venue's lot on her own. So, I will pick her up from work and go together. It makes sense that we park as one and save some money on parking. We'll grab a bite to eat before the show.

On Sunday, I spent the day trying to clean up. I made a dent, but I have plenty more to do. Some progress is better than no progress at all!

Weekends fly by too quickly. The countdown begins to get to the next one.

Sunday, July 09, 2017

All you need is love... and math

My guy and I love math. We are nerdy that way.

He sent me this graphing gem today:

It put a smile on my face. He's sweet and thoughtful that way.

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Eating my way through Friday and getting soaked in a downpour

I ate my way through Friday. Needless to say, I am pretty full right now!

At work, we have a special lunch at the beginning of each month. Those who have birthdays during that month get lunch paid for by the company. I end up expensing these lunches, although I have trained another writer to help me out.

We went to an East Indian restaurant. The food was good. However, it was strange that we all had to dip into a small, communal salad. It was definitely a different experience.

What I didn't like was that the server showed me an itemized list of what we had ordered on her iPad mini, which was the list of items that I would ultimately expense. However, when she printed out this itemized list, a gratuity was added. I noticed this after I had paid for our meals and included a tip. I ended up double-tipping. Ugh! So much for disclosing this detail...

After work, I decided to take part in a local ribfest. I haven't been for several years. It has changed venues. I got a ribs and chicken combo, with cornbread and baked beans as sides.

Unfortunately, I got caught in a downpour of rain. It was to the point where I had to take shelter in a restaurant. My entire front-facing self was soaked in rain. The backside of me was completely dry!

So, I waited in the lobby of this restaurant (I don't know what the name is, but I must thank the place for housing me and others) for forty minutes. I was going to eat my dinner at home. However, all this waiting made me hungry. It was a first for me to eat food that was not offered in the restaurant in said restaurant's lobby.

The food was delicious. When I noticed that the rain was easing and the sun was starting to break out, I headed out to my car. I was parked a couple of huge blocks away. I had to walk through a flooded part of the parking lot. Oh, joy!

There is never a dull moment in my life, especially when it comes to eating yummy food.

Friday, July 07, 2017

Eager to please on a Friday

Last Friday, my guy was waiting for his ride to a camping site. He wanted to see me before he left. He was in a meeting room by himself.

I walked over there. I couldn't help but caress his perfectly uniform head. I have always found it sexy. He likes that I do.
"I wish that I could pleasure you right now," he said, looking at me lovingly, eager to please.
"I know. You need to hit the road. There will be another time," I replied.
We kissed before we both parted ways. The good news is that I get to see him in the office in just over a week. It's great when we are together at work. We both agree that it makes the workweek tolerable.

Thursday, July 06, 2017

Purple Woolly is my guy in disguise

I tell my guy often that the purple, cuddly stuffed sheep that he bought me was a wonderful, thoughtful gift. I hug him often, as he reminds me of my guy.

We had a talk about my stuffed purple sheep, Purple Woolly, recently.
"When I hold Woolly, one hand caresses his head and the other gropes his butt, kind of like what I do with you," I said.
"I'm glad," he said, smiling at me.
My guy thinks that he isn't a great at giving gifts. He is terrific at it.

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Staycation and floss

I did a staycation this past long weekend. I went to a city roughly an hour away from my home, stayed at a hotel, and relaxed. It was nice.

My guy sent me a message as I was driving home on Tuesday, hoping that I had a wonderful staycation. It's nice when he thinks of me.

I wrote back once I was home. He would have liked the hotel, especially since he had spent the weekend camping. Costco was within walking distance, which is his favourite store. The movie theatre and one of our favourite Persian eateries were also within walking distance.

A while back, I had ordered dental floss dispensers that remind you to floss. The light flashes and you press a button to dispense your floss. I ordered one for my guy and one for me. They finally came. I shared the good news with my guy. We both are avid flossers, which is funny, but true.

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

My birthday

My guy spent this long holiday weekend camping. He absolutely dislikes camping, but it was a family event and had to join in.

This year, his family got a camper. I can't wait to hear what happened.

My birthday was on Monday. It was good. Many friends sent me nice thoughts and wished me a great day. I went to see Wonder Woman for free at the movie theatre. I ate my favourite pizza. It was a good day.

My guy has promised me a spanking when he is rested. It makes me happy, especially when he says that he likes when I am his bad girl.

Monday, July 03, 2017

A bracelet for my birthday

My guy gave me an early birthday present on Friday. He tends to steer away from getting me jewellery. However, he took the plunge and got me a nice bracelet.

He knows that I used to have an evil eye bracelet. Several months ago, it broke and I couldn't get it fixed. He got me a sterling silver bracelet (all I wear is sterling silver) with blue beads and a blue evil eye.

The problem was my trying to wear it. It felt like rocket science trying to put it on. He figured it out for me. I then told him that it wouldn't fit me.

I have a large wrist for a woman. It's not an unusual size, though.
"My wrist is 7.5 inches," I said.
"I didn't know that bracelets have wrist sizes," he admitted.
"It's okay. It's the sweet thought that you had that counts," I replied.
It was a romantic, thoughtful gesture. It was a shame that he had left the price tag on the bracelet. Then again, he is returning it, so it all works out.

Sunday, July 02, 2017

It takes one photo of me to turn him on

Last Tuesday, my guy and I had lunch together. After I had indicated that I wanted to unwrap him as my birthday gift, I shared some photos with him of my trip to Shanghai.

I had visited Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum. There were Yao Ming's footprints there, so I took a photo of my feet over his and showed my guy.
"You're wearing shorts," he said, admiring my bare legs.
"Yes, it was hot there," I replied.
I sometimes forget how turned on he gets by my bare legs. There have been times where, after we have been intimate, he has hugged my legs and has told me that he loves them.

After we had finished lunch, he stood up. I was still seated for a couple of seconds. My eyes were level with his crotch. I saw a bulge. Yep, he was bulgy boy.

We left the restaurant and got into his car. He pulled out of the parking lot.

At the intersection, he hesitated.
"It's a left turn to get back to the office," I said.
He turned right. This turn goes to our usual parking lot for treehouse time.
"We're going to Starbucks!" I exclaimed happily.
"No, that place steals your money," he said.
He parked in our usual parking spot. We got out and headed into the backseat.

It was nice to hug and kiss. He has the sweetest lips. We had both missed making out.

He managed to place his right hand down my pants and underpants. He fingered my butt and said that he missed my backside.

Moments later, I came. I enjoyed it so much that he did it again, kissing my neck and shoulder the second time. I felt so lethargic afterwards.

I caressed his hard cock that was still in his pants. We eventually let it out so that I could give him a handjob. I loved wrapping my hand around it.

He told me that he loves when I am a bad girl that makes him feel good. He ejaculated. There was so much cum that it coated the entire back of my hand. It was almost as if I had dipped my hand in paraffin wax.
"No cum on my seat. It's all on you," he remarked.
"It was perfect timing. You came at the same time as the downpour of rain," I remarked.
We cleaned up and cuddled for a bit before we had to go back to the office and attempt looking alert.

Saturday, July 01, 2017

Happy 150th birthday, Canada!

Happy Canada Day! Canada celebrates its 150th birthday today. It looks pretty good. =)

It's a long weekend here. I'm wishing my fellow Canadians a happy, safe long weekend.