Saturday, May 17, 2014

First experience with a USB cable as a flogging implement

On Wednesday, my guy and I had agreed to meet at our regular restaurant hangout at 12:45 pm. I got there just in time. My guy parked next to my car a few minutes later and honked to get my attention.

He looked good. He was wearing his new shirt that I had bought him. It fit perfectly. He told me that he loves it so much.

My guy apologized and said that he had a conference call during our lunch. I had asked why he didn't cancel. He didn't want to, for he has had to do that to me a number of times in the past and didn't want the stigma of cancelling on Wednesdays to build. It was sweet of him.

We ordered our food and briefly chatted before he went on his teleconference call. Luckily, it only lasted for half an hour. We got to chat more and he got to finish his lunch after it was over.

He asked me if I wanted to go downstairs. I could tell that he wanted to. I wanted a hug from him, so we did.

In our little corner, we hugged and kissed. I always get nervous when someone comes downstairs. Sure enough, someone did. I whispered to my guy that I was scared, like a little girl. He smiled and hugged me tighter. When the woman had closed the restroom door, we continued to kiss and hug.

My guy groped my buttocks. He then unzipped my pants and fingered me. It felt so good. I was so aroused. Moments later, I came and rested limp in my guy's arms. We hugged. I thanked him.

He went to wash up. I re-adjusted myself and went upstairs. I waited for my guy to return. He proceeded to pay for our lovely lunch and we walked out the door.

We both agreed that we wouldn't do lunch on Thursday. I had a 06:30 conference call and felt that it would be best to continue working from home. My guy had his Nexus interview across the street at lunch that day. Instead, I was going to be in the office on Friday. So, we rescheduled our lunch.

My guy looked down at the ground. We were standing in the parking lot, in front of our cars. There was a black cable. He picked it up.
"It's a black micro USB cable," I said.
"Yes," he replied. "I will have to see if it works."
"Yes, you need a spare one for your phone."
"I was thinking of using it as a whip and making red marks across your butt with it," he said, doubling the cable up and making a swish sound with it.
Although I don't like the thought of being whipped or flogged, whenever someone has a belt or a whip in one's hand, it turns me on thinking that it will be used on me.

I had asked my guy whether it would be okay to stop by the training room to chat after work. He told me that there was one software developer who hangs out there till the cows come home. Instead, my guy would give me a call if the coast was clear.

Well, after work, I decided to stop by anyway, I did have a work-related question for him. My guy had work-related questions for me, too. Sure enough, the software developer was there. I had met him previously. Luckily, the conversation between my guy and I lasted so long that the developer actually left the room and called it a day.

My guy offered me a bottle of water. We both walked over to the bottled water area, which was away from the hall camera. My guy groped my left buttock, which made me tingle and smile. He had a huge grin on my face.

He had to briefly leave the room to get something from his cubicle. He asked whether I could stick around for a bit. I was good with that.

Moments later, he came back with the black USB cable, which had carefully cleaned. He had doubled it up again in his hands.
"I need to use this cable on you," he said sternly.
"No, that's scary," I said, playfully acting scared.
My guy dimmed the lights. He brought his laptop over to the corner.
"You are going to be punished in that corner," he told me, pointing at the back of the room.
"No, you can't make me!" I said in protest, while I reluctantly followed him.
My guy set his laptop down on the desk. He then grabbed my right wrist, which was nice having him play the part of the strict disciplinarian.
"Get in that corner and face it," he ordered, leading me over there with a bit of force.
"You're mean!"
He started flogging me with the USB cable. This experience was new to both of us. He started flogging my hips, which hurt. I don't have as much padding up there as I used to. I had to tell him to flog me lower, as that is where the fleshy part of me is. I told him to flog me as if he were spanking me. He finally got the hang of it.
"That hurts," I said, rubbing my buttocks with my hands when we had a bit of a pause. 
My guy took my right arm and held it behind the small of my back. He continued to flog me.
"It hurts!"
"Shut up! You deserve it. You are such a bad girl."
It was a fun session of getting flogged. He intermittently played with my crotch and wanted me to climax, but stopped and flogged me some more.

He did eventually allow me to climax, which was awesome. He then hugged me from behind and played with my breasts. I love when he does that.

It was my first time being flogged. It hurt. I was rubbing my buttocks a lot. My guy got concerned and rubbed my cheeks for me. He apologized, being the true gentleman that he is.

Before we left the room, we hugged. I thanked him. He kissed me on both sides of my face. He kissed both my hands. He then placed both his hands on my cheeks and gave me a wonderful kiss.

We packed up. My guy nearly forgot his laptop. I had to remind him to bring it with him, which he did. We left the office. I drove home with a sore backside.

I looked at my bare bottom when I got home. I had some nice marks from our session. The soreness didn't last as long as a good, hard spanking does. I could like this mild flogging. I have to explore it some more.


  1. Will be interesting to see when he uses it on you again.


    1. I agree. I will certainly let you know how the subsequent sessions go. =)