Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Nail polish on toes and fingers

Sometimes, it amazes me how attentive my guy is. He notices details about me that I forget about myself.

The other day, we were walking over to his car. We were going out for lunch. We were walking and talking.

In the car, we were stopped at a red light.
"I like your nail polish. It's a pretty pink," he said, holding my left hand and observing.
"Thanks," I replied. "I found a new nail polish brand at the drugstore for $6."
"Nice," he replied. "The pink is different from the blue on your toenails," he noted.
"Wow, I'm impressed that you noticed," I remarked.
"I notice a lot about you, especially when I miss you," he said sweetly.
I rarely have the same polish colour on my fingernails and toenails. It never works out that way.

I love that he is so observant and attentive.

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