Monday, June 18, 2012

Being spanked in a wheelbarrow position... how intriguing!

I have been intrigued by being spanked in a wheelbarrow position, which I saw on Cherry Red Report's recent blog posting.

I have watched the free video on how she is spanked in this position. I love how the spanker methodically spanks each cheek. It turns me on that he gropes and pinches her backside. I have a feeling that it is a position in which I would like to try with my guy.

My guy would probably go a step further. After spanking, groping, and pinching my bare backside, he would finger and pleasure me afterwards.

I will need to discuss this new scenario. After all, he is still planning my birthday spanking. He won't tell me what is in store for me. He has only hinted that my backside will be various shades of red.


  1. This IS a totally awesome position, for a few different reasons. For the spanker, it gives total access to all the good stuff besides the bum, and it provides a great view as well. It's a great substitute for folks for whom the physical nature of OTK is desired but whose body type makes it uncomfortable. And there isn't much awkward or unnatural reaching needed to do some of the extras during playtime.

    My partner likes it for some of those same reasons and finds that it engenders a complete
    sense of submission and vulnerability. The next time it's my turn to go 'bottoms up' I'm going to ask her to give this one a test drive.

    1. Thanks for visiting! I agree with you. My guy likes when I am bent over a desk, so he gets access to everything. So, for him to spank or play with me in this position would not be a stretch.

      It's great to hear that you are willing to go bottoms up yourself. Please let me know how that goes!

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