Thursday, June 26, 2014

Z is for zap

I have reached the finish line. I am at the final letter of this challenge. Woo hoo!

It has been a slice. Thanks to everyone for following along. I hope to do this challenge or a similar one sometime soon.

For years, I have been curious about electric paddles that emit a zap. Initially, I saw a similar paddle on eBay years ago, but it was geared toward zapping flies and bugs. Naturally, it was a hidden way for the seller to say that it was for some spanking and paddling fun.

I am still hesitant about having it used on me. How strong are these zaps? Part of me wants to go out and buy one. After all, it is less than $20. But, how safe are they, really?

I have read some of the reviews. One review scares me. It says that the paddle left "burns on my victims." The same person goes on to say that the paddle emits "a very brief, yet intense shock."

I am still mixed about it. Will I actually like being shocked for such a brief moment? Do I want burns on my backside? After all, the thought of having welts on my backside does not appeal to me, let alone burn marks.

If you have had experiences with using an electric zapping paddle, either administrating or being on the receiving end of one, please share!


  1. Well done on reaching the end. I've enjoyed your A-Z immensely.
    As for zappers - I am really sensitive to electric things. Even static shocks are too much for me!

  2. That sounds terrifying!! I get scared touching doorknobs in the winter cause of the possibility of static shock. I think I would have an anxiety attack with a paddle like that!

  3. At a recent get together at grammas house, everyone was zapped with that thing. Eating dinner, minding your own business, then get shocked on your ear. It's scary more than ouchy. Felt kinda like a bad static shock when you touch something metal. Nobody was burned or had any marks. Lots of giggles on the part of all the cousins. Lots of irate grown ups, leading to the racket meeting its demise in the fire pit.

  4. yay for another Z :) congrats- my z was zipper... dress :D I've wondered about those electric paddles too. My Master was joking about one (labeled as "for killing flies and mosquits" lol) at our local department store. No experience here- not sure I'd want any either