Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Staycation and floss

I did a staycation this past long weekend. I went to a city roughly an hour away from my home, stayed at a hotel, and relaxed. It was nice.

My guy sent me a message as I was driving home on Tuesday, hoping that I had a wonderful staycation. It's nice when he thinks of me.

I wrote back once I was home. He would have liked the hotel, especially since he had spent the weekend camping. Costco was within walking distance, which is his favourite store. The movie theatre and one of our favourite Persian eateries were also within walking distance.

A while back, I had ordered dental floss dispensers that remind you to floss. The light flashes and you press a button to dispense your floss. I ordered one for my guy and one for me. They finally came. I shared the good news with my guy. We both are avid flossers, which is funny, but true.


  1. gosh i'm a horrible flosser. i never floss. hahha. maybe i need one of those! good to hear you had a restful staycation!

    1. Oh, wow! My dental hygienist and dentist would be extremely upset with me if I didn't floss!

      I had a relaxing staycation. I have decided to do it again next month. =)