Friday, July 14, 2017

Kisses, hugs, gropes, and smacks during a surprise visit

My guy likes to surprise me now and again.
"Hey," he said in a text message.
"Hey... you're lost?!" I asked him.
"Not yet," he replied with a smiley. "I'm in the office. I just got here."
"What brings you in?" I asked him, as it was 4:48 pm.
"I am trying to talk to a software developer. Did you want to drop by?" I asked him.
"Sure," I replied.
My guy gave me the room number that he was in. I walked over. I caressed his head. He groped my left buttock and ran his hand down the back of my left thigh.

I kissed his head and caressed his back. He played with my crotch.

I sat down and we talked. I teased him and he gave me a playful smack across the upper part of my left buttock, which I enjoyed.

He looked at my cleavage. I was wearing a pink scoop-neck t-shirt. He reached in and helped himself to fondling my breasts. I helped myself to caressing his hard cock in his new khakis.

My guy had to briefly step out to make a phone call. He came back and kissed my neck from behind while hugging me.

We obviously had missed each other. Considering how hectic this week has been at work, his appearance at the office made my week much better!


  1. wow, that must have been a delightful surprise! and the quickie groping - always exciting. glad you got to sneak some time together.

    1. It was a wonderful surprise seeing him! It's always fun when we are together. =)