Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Sweet guy with thoughtful gifts

My guy never ceases to amaze me. He is a great gift-giver.

He normally asks me what I would like for either my birthday or Christmas. I tend to give him a couple of suggestions. For my birthday, I suggested getting a glass knot. It's a beautiful glass-blown knot with various colours. The one that he got me has blue, green, and white in an eternal knot that signifies love and longevity.

I indicated a while back that he was sweet to try and replace my broken evil eye bracelet. He got me another one, except that the bracelet's length was too short. I indicated that we both have the same bracelet size. He remembered what it was today, which was impressive.

During that conversation, we also had a talk about ring size. My guy, who admits that he is horrible at buying jewellery, bought me a pretty silver ring, with a blue gemstone in the middle, and some crystals on either side of the gem. It looks like an evil eye!

At first, my guy was concerned that it was too snug on my finger. I told him that it was perfect. I simply haven't worn a ring in years. I pointed out that my ring finger was the same colour as all my other fingers, so it wasn't cutting off my circulation!

I love his thoughtful gifts. More importantly, I love him in my life.

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