Sunday, July 16, 2017

Treehouse time, a spanking, and kisses

Last Thursday, my guy asked me whether we could have some quality time together. I was game.

My guy had parked next to my car in the lot at work. We decided to take my car over to our usual parking spot. We would then go to our regular restaurant for dinner.

It was nice placing my hand on my guy's left thigh as I drove us over to our regular parking lot. I parked and we go into the backseat. We haven't had treehouse time in my car for a while.

We cuddled for a bit. We kissed and hugged a lot. It was great.

He immediately pulled down my black jeggings and panties. He proceed to pleasure me. It has been such a long time that I came hard. I was lethargic immediately.

He hugged me and was sweet letting me rest for a bit. We chatted. He then started lightly spanking my bare backside.
"I need to spank you," he stated.
"Right now?" I asked him.
"Yes," he replied.
"Oh, no. I'm dopey, though," I replied.
It didn't matter to him. I went over his lap. It was a bare-bottomed spanking right off the bat.

He spanked me fairly hard. It wasn't has hard as it has been in the past, but there was a good sting. He was more interested in pleasuring me, teasing me, spanking me, and finally pleasuring me until I reached orgasm. All of it was nice. I wanted it so badly.

He kissed my left buttock afterwards.
"Hey, did you kiss my butt?" I asked him.
"Yes," he replied lovingly.
"I love when you kiss my butt," I confirmed.
He kissed my right buttock. He's sweet.

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  1. haha. that was so nice to read. orgasms, spanks and kissing on the butt! a perfect combination :)