Monday, July 17, 2017

No bra under my t-shirt makes my guy happy

A couple of weeks ago, my guy got turned on by a photo of me in shorts, showing my bare legs. I sometimes forget how turned on he gets. It doesn't take much. He simply loves who I am.

Last week, we were in the treehouse. I could tell all day that he wanted to play with my breasts. I was wearing a pink t-shirt with a scoop neckline.
"Take your bra off. I want to play with your breasts under your shirt," he said, highly aroused.
"Okay," I said.
I unfastened all bra hooks at the back. Moments later, with a bit of help from my guy (he likes to assist, being the polite person that he is), we took my bra off without having me take off my t-shirt.

He played with my breasts that were still under my t-shirt. We both enjoyed the sensation.

I then played with his hard cock in his khaki pants. He loved how my lilac polish looked on my nails as I stroked his erect member.

Eventually, we took his erect penis out of his pants and I gave him a handjob. It was good. My guy said that he loves me, as if it were a mantra.

He came. We saw cum. We did well.

We cleaned up and cuddled afterwards.

I would say that roughly forty minutes later, I put my bra back on. He whistled at me. He's a fun, sweet person.


  1. hmmmm I think there is a certain gene in them that gets totally turned on by the no-bra-under-tee look. BIKSS loves when i walk around in a fitted tee with nipples showing too. sounds like a fun time!

    1. I'd wager that you are correct. My guy has always liked when I lounge around at home without a bra under my shirt. It was the first time doing the same thing, but away from a real room. =)

  2. Woman's breast are my favorite, I enjoy all sizes and shapes. My wife really enjoys when I play with them, but for her is getting to where they are out and I'm enjoying them. I need no help from her and this just adds to enjoyment. Joe

    1. Thanks for sharing, Joe! I'm glad that you both enjoy being playful with her breasts.

      My guy loves my breasts. They aren't huge or tiny. He likes cupping and playing with them. They are just right, he says. I like when he plays with them, too!

  3. Loved these last two posts, all the raw passion in he close confines of your "treehouse." I'm imagining your nipples showing hard through the pink t-shirt, your butt spanked to a rosy heat, your sighs as he pleasures you, the look of your nail polish as you urgently stroke his cock, cum spilled. I bet your windows were fogged up in both encounters!

    1. Thanks, Styxman! It's funny that you mention windows being fogged up. It happened!