Monday, July 31, 2017

Camping versus staying at a hotel

My guy is camping for five days. He departed on Sunday. I miss him already.

The funny thing is that my guy hates camping. Although he is in a camper with his family, he has never enjoyed camping.
"I would rather stay in a hotel and sleep than go camping," he told me the other day.
"Couldn't you say no?" I asked him.
"I should have. My last experience with the camper was not great. We got stuck in mud and had to call for help. I would much rather be in a hotel with you," he said sweetly.
"That'll be next week, provided that you survive this camping trip," I said, smiling.
"I will, just to be with you," he said, smiling back.
I just hope that his camping adventures go smoothly this time around.

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