Sunday, July 02, 2017

It takes one photo of me to turn him on

Last Tuesday, my guy and I had lunch together. After I had indicated that I wanted to unwrap him as my birthday gift, I shared some photos with him of my trip to Shanghai.

I had visited Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum. There were Yao Ming's footprints there, so I took a photo of my feet over his and showed my guy.
"You're wearing shorts," he said, admiring my bare legs.
"Yes, it was hot there," I replied.
I sometimes forget how turned on he gets by my bare legs. There have been times where, after we have been intimate, he has hugged my legs and has told me that he loves them.

After we had finished lunch, he stood up. I was still seated for a couple of seconds. My eyes were level with his crotch. I saw a bulge. Yep, he was bulgy boy.

We left the restaurant and got into his car. He pulled out of the parking lot.

At the intersection, he hesitated.
"It's a left turn to get back to the office," I said.
He turned right. This turn goes to our usual parking lot for treehouse time.
"We're going to Starbucks!" I exclaimed happily.
"No, that place steals your money," he said.
He parked in our usual parking spot. We got out and headed into the backseat.

It was nice to hug and kiss. He has the sweetest lips. We had both missed making out.

He managed to place his right hand down my pants and underpants. He fingered my butt and said that he missed my backside.

Moments later, I came. I enjoyed it so much that he did it again, kissing my neck and shoulder the second time. I felt so lethargic afterwards.

I caressed his hard cock that was still in his pants. We eventually let it out so that I could give him a handjob. I loved wrapping my hand around it.

He told me that he loves when I am a bad girl that makes him feel good. He ejaculated. There was so much cum that it coated the entire back of my hand. It was almost as if I had dipped my hand in paraffin wax.
"No cum on my seat. It's all on you," he remarked.
"It was perfect timing. You came at the same time as the downpour of rain," I remarked.
We cleaned up and cuddled for a bit before we had to go back to the office and attempt looking alert.


  1. Wow, so much cum, and two for you. Sounds like you were both overdue! Do you like the way it feels all hot and sticky on your hand?

    1. I do like how it feels to have warm cum coat my hand. I feel good knowing that I helped out. He's a true gentleman afterwards, making sure that I get cleaned up first before he does.