Monday, July 03, 2017

A bracelet for my birthday

My guy gave me an early birthday present on Friday. He tends to steer away from getting me jewellery. However, he took the plunge and got me a nice bracelet.

He knows that I used to have an evil eye bracelet. Several months ago, it broke and I couldn't get it fixed. He got me a sterling silver bracelet (all I wear is sterling silver) with blue beads and a blue evil eye.

The problem was my trying to wear it. It felt like rocket science trying to put it on. He figured it out for me. I then told him that it wouldn't fit me.

I have a large wrist for a woman. It's not an unusual size, though.
"My wrist is 7.5 inches," I said.
"I didn't know that bracelets have wrist sizes," he admitted.
"It's okay. It's the sweet thought that you had that counts," I replied.
It was a romantic, thoughtful gesture. It was a shame that he had left the price tag on the bracelet. Then again, he is returning it, so it all works out.

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