Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Being compassionate is positive

I am fortunate to have three students this term. One of them, before she started her internship, had indicated that she needed surgery in July.

She had her surgery last Wednesday. She stayed in the hospital for a couple of days and has been discharged. She is resting comfortably at home.

I am a sensitive person when it comes to such matters. When my manager injured his eye, I got everyone on the team to chip in for a fruit bouquet. When another writer on my team got injured in a car accident, I ordered a flower and food basket while I was in Montreal training writers over there on behalf of our team.

With my other two students, I made the suggestion to send her a get-well gift. They liked the idea.

As expected, the one student who started in May took the initiative to look up floral gifts and even order it! The other one, who has worked with me the longest, is the youngest, and doesn't exhibit as much initiative, seems to be more comfortable with these two students than the last one that she was with. I am glad, because the other two are slightly older and are mature beyond their years.

We all corresponded back and forth about the floral gift, how to expense it, what to write, and so on. It was a good exercise in being caring human beings.

They will do just fine in this world.


  1. Too many people lack these "soft" skills and everyone just thinks about themselves these days. My branch of the clinic is cosy and cohesive. The main branch is so thick with tension you could cut it with a knife! My boss asked me how we could solve that problem. I honestly dont know.

    1. Thanks for the reminder about soft skills. I agree with you that many of my colleagues aren't like I am when it comes to making sure that fellow colleagues are okay.

      You're right that many folks have that me mentality. It's sad.