Sunday, June 15, 2014

O is for over his knee or a table

I recall a wonderful post that I had read on a blog the other day asking what spanking implement one loves and hates when it comes to receiving a spanking. By far, I love a hand spanking. I find it intimate and my butt aches for a while after a hard spanking. I like when my guy uses a ruler or a paddle on me, too. They definitely rank high on my list.

Getting the belt turns me on, but I don't like it actually used on me. At first, I thought it was because I didn't like the thought of having welts on my backside, which is partly true. It also stems from accidentally getting whipped on my lip by a belt carelessly being waved about by a classmate in grade 6.

I probably have mentioned it in passing, but I have never stated what spanking positions I like and don't like. So, that is what this post is about. Two of my favourite positions deal with being over something.

By far, I love an over-the-knee spanking. I feel comfortable being over my guy's lap. As with getting a hand spanking, I find being over his lap intimate. I like getting up after a hard spanking, and either curling up against his chest or kissing him as a simple thanks.

When I am over his knee, I playfully try and cover my backside with my hand to protect my butt from further smacks. However, my guy likes to pin my arm behind my back and spank me even harder after I do that.

I also like when I am bent over a table or sofa for a spanking. My guy has more of a swing with either his hand or an implement, so it's a different kind of pain that develops. I find that he likes running his hand from my ankle upward, to my calf, thigh, and buttock. He doesn't do that when I am over his knee.

When the smacks become intense and hard, I sometimes jerk my legs up. It doesn't happen much when I am bent over the table, but it happens more when I am over his knee. He will then caress my calf for a bit before continuing with my punishment.

What spanking position do I hate? I would have to say being bend over while grasping my ankles. I don't find that enjoyable at all. My guy doesn't like that, either.

Some people don't like the diaper position, but I don't mind it. It gives me a chance to see my guy's expression when each smack is delivered. He can also see how I am reacting to each one.

So, if you'd like to share what spanking positions you like or dislike, drop me a line. I would love to read your responses!


  1. The bath brush I recently bought was a success, but there is nothing that beats the closeness and the intimacy of the over the knee spanking with the bare hand. I totally agree with you. The cane I do not like so much, instead we use a fresh birch stick she gets herself from the forest. The job to make it clean and add tape to hold it properly adds to the punishment I think.

    1. I have never been spanked with a bath brush. We have talked about getting one to try out.

      We are also not big on the cane. Birching sounds intimidating to me, similar to the belt!

  2. Over the knee---and across my guys lap while he is on the couch. Those are my favs.

    1. I love being over my guy's lap as I am stretched across the couch, too. It is comfy at first, but my backside hurts as time passes and I can bury my face in a couch cushion. =)

      Thanks for stopping by!