Friday, June 13, 2014

M is for moo

I could have written about today being a significant milestone for me. I have blogged thirteen days in a row, something that I haven't done in years. I am nearly midway through this challenge.

Instead, I have chosen moo as my topic. Yes, I do mean the sound that a cow makes.

Years ago, I went to The Ex, which is short for the Canadian National Exhibition. It runs every year from August till early September. It's a fair, where you can go on rides, stuff your face with all sorts of food, shop, and see the air show during the Labour Day long weekend.

My parents used to take me there as a little girl. I ended up working there for three summers as a late teenager and towards the end of my undergraduate years.

Anyway, I ended up playing one of the games there and wound up winning a mini purple cow. I could have played more to trade up for a much larger plush toy, but I liked this cow. It was in my favourite colour. I had also never owned a stuffed cow toy.

Last week, my guy returned from Croatia. He got me a couple of gifts. One gift consisted of traditional cookies from the country, which are not too sweet. They are perfect.

The second gift? Milka chocolates with a mini stuffed purple cow. I got the rectangular gift bag like the one in this picture:

Coincidence? My guy doesn't know the story of my owning a purple plush cow. Now, I have two, to keep each other company.

He does know me well. I don't refuse chocolate. I also love anything purple. He is thoughtful that way.

So, that's it for my moo-ving post. Here's to being halfway through this udderly sweet challenge.

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