Wednesday, June 18, 2014

R is for restraint

I feel like saying that the letter r also stands for rambling. I am unsure of where I will go with this topic, so you have been warned!

When my guy spanks or paddles me, I obediently bare my backside to take my punishment like a fairly good little girl. I find that playing the reluctant, I-don't-wanna-be-spanked girl to be just that -- pure acting and role-playing. It is a whole lot of fun!

My guy and I have talked about using restraints on my hands for a spanking. We have eventtalked about tying me up to a bed so he can play with me at his convenience. It hasn't happened yet, probably because I actually want to be spanked and punished. I won't resist it.

I do like trying to protect my getting-sore bare bottom with my hand. He will either swat my hand aside or just hold it behind my back as he continues with my spanking. I love it all.

It also takes a lot of restraint on my end to not caress his head too much in public or to be too touchy-feely. We hug, kiss, and hold hands in public. We are both affectionate people. I find his shaved head to be so attractive that there are moments where I have this incredible strong urge to caress it in public, but I have to hold back. It just seems inappropriate, especially when my guy chuckles.

My guy isn't laughing at me. He has told me countless time that he likes my touch and enjoys it when I caress his head. He just envisions what other people at other tables are seeing when he tilts his head forward and I reach out to touch it from across the restaurant table!

I have made a compromise. I will caress his head when we are in the car or have a quiet moment together in the office.

Yes, I like men with clean-shaven heads. I will leave it at that. =)

I had a good talk with my guy yesterday afternoon. He is doing well in India, but is still trying to adjust to the timezone, which is expected. He had a three-hour nap after work. And yes, he asked me a work-related question that began with by the way, which I had accurately mentioned in yesterday's post.

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