Sunday, June 22, 2014

V is for vacate

On Friday afternoon, I had a dentist appointment. Naturally, my guy calls me, wanting to talk. He had about thirty minutes before he had to head off to the airport.

I called him through Skype on my cell phone, as I drove hands-free from my car. He was to arrive on Saturday afternoon. I asked him if I could meet him at the airport or at the office. He seemed hesitant, which made me sad.
"You don't sound too enthusiastic about my seeing you," I pointed out.
"I would only be there for thirty minutes. I have to clean out my cubicle according to the operations manager," he replied.
"I could help you," I replied.
"You would have to drive a fairly long distance to see me," he advised.
"You don't want me to see you," I stated.
"No, I would love to see you."
"It doesn't sound like it. I have one minute before my appointment. I have to go."
I wasn't too happy after that conversation. My guy noted it.

My guy arrived later than he had expected on Saturday. Both his plane and luggage were delayed. I had a feeling that he would call me from the office. He could sense how upset I was yesterday, especially when he figured out that I didn't bother going to the office to see him on Saturday.

We spoke for a bit. He then continued our conversation from the previous day.
"So, did you want to drive over here?" he asked me.
"There's no point. It was pretty clear yesterday that you didn't want to see me and that we have differing points of view."
I could hear him breath in.
"Okay, next time, I will let you drive all the way over to work to see me for thirty minutes and spend 25 cents on gas [with your hybrid car]."
"Okay," I said.
"I will even let you pick me up at the airport. We can hold hands as we drive back to the parking lot. I can then fondle you."
It's not a flat-out apology, but it's pretty close to one from him.

My guy and I reminisced about our cubicles that were once on the seventh floor of our office building. In January, I ended up moving to the eleventh floor again. My guy either works from home, or ends up in either our training or meeting rooms these days. As a result, he no longer needs his own cubicle.

We have had a lot of fond memories sitting across from each other on the seventh floor. We joked a lot. We did work across from each other. He also managed to fondle and spank me in that same area.

Good memories, indeed. More memories are to come, of course!

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