Monday, June 16, 2014

P is for patting

My guy and I love to chat about anything under the sun or moon, depending on the time of day. It is one of many things that we have in common.

It's not to the point where we talk to each other till we pass out or anything. We just have a lot to say and it's interesting to us.

Several months ago, my guy admitted that he has never taken any formal music lessons. He mentioned a ladder as being one of the exercises that he knew about. Without skipping a beat, I knew that he had meant scale. The neat part of this conversation is that we didn't feel that it was weird.

In Arabic, a scale is a ladder. In French, a scale or a legend on a map is also called a ladder. It helps that we both are multilingual to make such a seamless connection.

Anyway, my guy makes sweet music in other ways. I saw the following picture on Facebook, which reminded me of how melodic he is when it comes to spanking me or just being playful with my backside.

A spanking is kind of like a solo. He gives his solo performance, and I feel and savour it. It nice.

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