Thursday, June 05, 2014

E is for evening out

I just got home. It has been a long day. Wednesdays tend to be that way.

This entry will be shorter than what I normally write, but I am still determined to get through this challenge.

I have a weekly teleconference at 07:30 every Wednesday. I had problems getting online and on the phone for this meeting. For some reason, my laptop did not want me to log in. I didn't forget my password. My laptop just wouldn't recognize my password that I use practically every day. Twenty minutes later, my laptop decided to stop playing games with me. I was fifteen minutes late, but at least I still managed to attend.

I worked quite a bit in the morning before I headed to the office. It is unfortunate that I work with two writers who fit the stereotype as being quiet and shy. They don't say anything until I initiate the conversation or just plain ask questions.

My guy told me that his flight would get into Toronto by 18:20. It was delayed by forty minutes. I changed venues from sitting at my cubicle doing work till 19:00, to moving to the training room. Sure enough, just before 20:00, my guy came walking in. It was good seeing him.

We talked for a bit. We were both hungry, so we headed to our usual Chinese restaurant for dinner.

Dinner was yummy. The conversation was good. It was nice to see him. It has been nearly two weeks.

We had quality time after dinner, but I will write about that tomorrow, provided that I can think of our time together that starts with the letter f.


  1. A busy day. But it's always so good to see that special someone after an absence.Sometimes you just have to drop everything and go with the flow.

    How about fantastic reunion for tomorrow? :D

    1. I completely agree! It was worth waiting for him and seeing him. I have him for at least the next 1.5 weeks. =)

  2. Sounds like a busy day but I have a feeling it ended well. :)

    1. Yes, it was a rough day, but it certainly ended nicely for both of us. =)