Saturday, June 21, 2014

U is for undone

I am starting to get a bit sad that this challenge is less than one week away from ending. It's funny how it seems like an insane number of posts to write in a month. I am proud for making it this far and am thankful for getting lots of encouragement along the way.

My guy has the knack for undoing whatever articles of clothing I am wearing. I do not think that it is a universal skill that men have. My ex-husband was horrible at unhooking my bra and basically fiddling with anything intricate.

On the contrary, my guy not only can unhook my bra in literally a second, but he has done it with one hand. Wait, it gets even better! He can unhook my bra with his non-dominant left hand. He doesn't have to look. He just reaches behind my back, normally while we are kissing, and does it.

The same goes with unbuttoning and unzipping my pants. It is almost like his hand is a magnet. It just goes there and, in seconds, my pants come down, mostly for a spanking or some other activity that makes me excited.

I have never asked him about how he almost magically can unfasten the various hooks and buttons on my clothing. I just know that after we have had some fun, he will put me back together. He will make sure that my clothes are back on and that they look crisp. He's quirky and fun that way.

I have told him on several occasions that I feel like a doll when he undresses and dresses me. I can tell that he enjoys it all. It's nice.

As for me, I can unbutton the dress shirt that he's wearing fairly quickly. I get to perhaps the third button from his collar and I am happy caressing his chest. He is a traditionalist in the sense that he will help me to it, which includes unfastening his belt, and unbuttoning and unzipping his pants.

There you have it. I didn't think that I would ever writing about such a topic. Never say never, as the saying goes.

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