Thursday, June 19, 2014

S is for spanking (of course!)

It seems so obvious that I would select spanking as my topic for today's post. Where should I go with it?

My birthday is fast approaching. For a while now, my guy likes when I give him a couple of gift suggestions.

I have told him that he is an excellent gift giver. Ever since I had joked about wanting a hot dog cooking appliance, he welcomes all gift suggestions from me.

So, I ended up giving him two ideas for my birthday gift. One was a popcorn maker. I go through popcorn in spurts. Yesterday, I had two small snack-sized bags of popcorn. I fear that having a popcorn maker will make me go on a popcorn-only diet.

The other item that I had suggested was a gadget. It's a cross between an Etch-a-Sketch and a tablet. You basically use a stylus to write down whatever you want, which replaces a pen and paper. You can save each page to memory, and then synchronize your device with your computer. I am all for writing and drawing more, and saving some money on paper pads and stick pens.

My guy decided to get me the latter, which was sweet of him. He knows how much of a gadget girl I am. The funny thing is that this device is only available online. He prefers going into stores to buy items. So, he had to ask me for my mailing address. He is on the road and wants to make sure that I have my gift before my birthday. He's thoughtful.

Do you know what I should have said that I wanted for my birthday right from the start? A birthday spanking.

I get pretty excited when I think about giving or getting a spanking. Getting a birthday spanking is special to me. For years, I never got one. Having a birthday in the summer and not really having major birthday bashes growing up would be one reason. I missed out on bending over and having friends give me a slap across my backside. Pinches would be nice, too!

It wasn't until I started dating that I got birthday spankings every year in my twenties. My now ex-husband was great at dishing them out. I reciprocated, which made it twice as sweet each year.

It is rare that my guy and I are together on our birthdays. I have a better shot at seeing him on his birthday than he is on mine. This year is no different. I have decided that I need a vacation and all the overtime that I have worked for the last month or so is helping me out.

I asked my guy if he could give me a belated birthday spanking. He didn't hesitate when he said yes. He added that extra smacks will be applied for every day past my birthday that we are apart. I am back almost a week later, so I expect to be sore for a while.

No complaints from me. It's my birthday and I want a rosy, spanked bottom.

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  1. Birthday spankings are cool; pity I have to wait another six months ;-(

    John (aka The Bawdy Bloke)